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Hidden Tesla placement

Hidden Tesla placement
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The hidden tesla is a very neat defense item. It is essentially hidden from attackers until their troops get too close, then they get zapped with electricity.

While the Tesla is a great defense item, it needs to be placed properly. I can’t tell you how many times I see the tesla set up incorrectly in many various bases. Here is the thing, the tesla is supposed to be hidden. You don’t want your enemy to know where it is, that is where it’s power lies. If you know where the tesla is, you can send in 15 level 5 archers and take it out. You might be asking yourself, how can you tell if it’s placed incorrectly? Well, you know those squares that you click on to deploy your troops, but the troops won’t deploy there? Those are teslas. This happens when the player leaves a 3×3 square where the tesla is placed. The tesla only needs a 2×2 square and when given any more space than this, it shows up as an empty square.

Here is an example of an incorrectly placed tesla:
Bad Tesla copy

Now that you know what to watch out for, keep an eye our for these unhidden teslas during your next battle.

Check this out chief!

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