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GOWIPE? | Clash of Clans | Bringing Back Old Attack Strategy

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Bringing back the old Clash of Clans attack strategies! GoWiPE, Dragons, Barch. Miners and Bowlers are BORING!

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  1. what was the clip with the dance he played called

  2. wth was that at the end i need to know

  3. cam not that i have your chanel but that clip when u get 3 stars it suck

  4. I used gowipe 2 day ago before dis video

  5. let me tell u something about ur videos cam ….
    i watch ur videos because………
    1.awesome stuff that u give ..
    2nd . that awesome mothofcking intro man
    they r just awesome

  6. What is the song at the end with the weird music video

  7. cam what's the name of song at the end it's funny lol

  8. what was the name of that song lol

  9. oops nevermind I just saw it in description

  10. Wait no whats the name of the song that you put a video clip of when you three star

  11. What song did he play at the end?

  12. I still use gowipe and I am a th 8 🙂 :-)

  13. well u said goho was better

  14. what song is that in the video.. xd

  15. what is the song name of the 'how it feels when u get a 3 star"?

  16. do you still post clash of clans

  17. please do it, i love your videos

  18. what is the music at he end of yhe video called..?

  19. yup I new it haha well its really lucky that cam doesn't get many 3 stars of we would be stuck with that song for a long time😂😂😂😜😜😜

  20. What music at the end pls lol lalalalalaalalallaa!!!

  21. just 7 wizards in gowipe

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