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GoLaLoon Attack Strategy

GoLaLoon Attack Strategy
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GoLaLoon Army Composition

3xArcher 17xballoon 3xwizard 1xgolem 3xlava
king   queen
1xlightning spell 2xrage spell 1xjump spell
Clan Castle: golem

3 Archers will be used for cleaning all outside buildings at the end of the attack easier.
The Golems are used as tankers (of course) for taking damage so your Archer Queen can be naughty. The is one of the main keys in this army composition.
The Lava Hounds are for taking damage from Air Defenses and every Wizard Tower nearby, protecting your Balloons.
Those Balloons are a part of this attack strategy, for destroying defensive buildings, obviously.
3 Wizards are used to clean the way so your Heroes can go into the base easier.
Lightning Spell are used for cleaning Clan Castle troops. You should read about luring Clan Castle troops and how Lightning Spells work to do this step with ease.


  • You don’t need to bring the exact number of troops like mine. It depends on the base you are going to attack.
  • Golem in Clan Castle is always better than Lava Hound.
  • Your Lava Hounds will need to be killed for Lava Pups. Those Lava Pups will work as theMinions.

Let’s get 3 stars with GoLaLoon composition


Normally, with GoLaLoon (GoLava), you can attack all Town Hall 9 bases, even it is a anti-air base. At starting, you need to find a way to kill the enemy Archer Queen, enemy Clan Castle troops and at lease 1 Air Defense.

For example, If you have 1 Jump Spell, you can drop it like the screenshot below then place your Golems and Heroes there to knock out the enemy Queen, an Air Defense and use the Lightning Spell to remove those annoying troops.
Drop the Jump Spell and take down Queen, AD and Clan troops
Start the battle by
dropping 2 Golems and your Wizard right after them to create a decent funnel so your Heroes can walk into the base directly.
Once almost outside buildings nearby are all down, drop your Jump Spell, create a shortcut for your Heroes so they can go inside and talk with the enemy Queen, take down the Air Defense nearby.

Drop your Lightning Spell when the enemy Clan troops are coming out.

How to deploy your Balloons properly

After finishing the AD, enemy Queen and all Clan troops, it’s time to deploy your Lava hounds next to a defense and followed by 2-3 Balloons to take down that defense. Once your Lava Hounds are close to an Air Defense, use your Rage Spell to boost your Balloons speed and destroy that AD faster.

In the screenshot below, you can see that the Lava Hounds are going to kiss an Air Defense. Once that AD starts attacking your Lava, send another squad with 2-3 Balloons there. Don’t worry If one of your Lava Hound get busted, don’t worry, you need to have at least one busted Lava, that helps increase the speed of the battle. If you are still worrying about the Air Sweeper, read this guide to see how Air Sweeper works, you won’t need to worry about it anymore.
Lava Hounds and Air Defenses
With Lava Pups from Lava Hounds and 3 Archers, you can clear all the buildings surrounding the base much faster. You will never run out of time.
Lava Pups can clear all outside buildings easily
This video from iMexii can help you see the entire attack easier:

Here are some conditions to have a 3 stars win with this GoLaLoon attack strategies:

  •  Your Queen level is at least 15.
  • The higher level of troops you have, the more chance you can win the attack.
  • Always drop your Rage Spells once the Air Defenses start hitting your Lava Hounds.

GoLaLoon is a quite hard attack strategy to do well at the first time because it requires both air and ground ways. Practicing with Xmodgames helps you improve your deploying troops skill and handling all situations in the battler easier.


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