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Goblin Raid

Goblin Raid
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NOTE: You may not like this strategy if you are not farming. A Goblin raid is a common type of attack in Clash of Clans. This process requires a ton ofGoblins, many Wall Breakers and optionally Archers and (preferably, due to the results) high-level Giants (level 3+). This strategy’s purpose is to get you a ton of loot. This is for medium/high level people.


A Goblin raid usually consists of 100+ Goblins, 10+ Wall Breakers, 40+ Archers, and 5-10+ Giants. When using this method, go to a base that has a ton of loot (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir). The more loot, the better. Usually people have most of their loot inside their walls. To make this work, first start with using your Wall Breakers. Don’t use them all at once and at the same place; try to spread them out if you can. If you are successful, proceed with the Goblins. Deploy all the Goblins at once by tapping and holding the screen. All your Goblins should come running to the nearest loot in range. If the defenses are killing them fast, try using the Giants and Archers; they should attack the defenses. Hopefully, if everything was successful, you should get tons of loot.

Now if this did not work, either watch the video above, or try the Alternate Method.

Alternate Method

When you first get to the base, use the Archers and/or Giants first, and have them destroy all the defenses first. If you want to make sure you win, add a Healer as well. Once you destroy most or all of the defenses, then proceed to the normal way of using some Wall Breakers and Goblins. This method requires less Wall Breakers. Just make sure the Archers get the big defenses with help of high-level Giants. Then proceed with the Goblins getting the loot. Hope this works, and have fun Clashing!

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