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Check this out chief!


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  1. gem box for me

  2. Can you have multiple gem boxes saved up from over time? Like if i get one gem box and don’t remove it for a long time. A second will come? Or not

  3. Bo the Terrible

    Gem boxes stay around until you collect it. There is no maximum amount of time. Unless it is longer than 3 days then I don’t know. I’m pretty sure if it was temporary, it would be much less time than 3 days. My builders were busy for 3 days so I had to wait for them. Then I got the gems. Only gave me 7 though. Maybe the longer you wait, the less gems you get? Dunno.

  4. The gem boxes spawn commonly with an open area

  5. look, if there is more available area for obstacles like trunks and even gem boxes to spawn will it increase the rate of spawning of the gembox/ trunks etc…
    by available area i mean if we keep al the building together we have more available area
    but apart then less available area

  6. How long will gem box’s be around? Does anyone know?

  7. why cant it leave more than 25 gems though cause I need more gems to upgrade things

  8. How often do they spawn?

  9. How does it work though?

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