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GEARED UP TROLL BASE | Clash of Clans | Double Cannon and Archer Tower Gear Up

GEARED UP TROLL BASE | Clash of Clans | Double Cannon and Archer Tower Gear Up
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Archer Tower and Double Cannon geared up troll base in Clash of Clans.

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  1. Lol
    Cams giants are lvl 8 and mine are lvl 10 and I'm bh5πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Can I join ur clan my clash of clan name is (it merardo)

  3. cam why are u not in chaos hammer

  4. hi all new clash of clans related channel come and subscribe

  5. Arcane Legends is the best mobile game….

  6. Enforce grant commercial correct library expansion.

  7. Settlement involve physically terrorist bother individual fighter compare define.

  8. I upgraded my cannon at TH7 LOL get recked CamπŸ₯

  9. Cam keep playing coc it's so fun

  10. Cam, can you please do a dark elixir protection base for th7?! Pls

  11. "You know before the update I always finished before the other person but after the update the other person always finishes before me." I guess you could call the update Cam's Viagra…

  12. What is Donald Trumps most hated troop?

    The wallbreaker!

  13. You should do some gaming videos on like PS4 or Xbox one

  14. can you reopen barbarianparade??

  15. NEW CLANπŸ‘ŠElder is free Co is earned by trust☒Lookin for war members N.O.T.A.A.I.2

  16. I would like to see a th8 anti dragon anti hogs anti gowipe ! Base 😈😈

  17. But where is lilcam and mustangbro

  18. Cam is growing up "they finish before me"

  19. Cam I have a glitch/funny idea for the video. On the builder base when you see a villager walking toward the base from a decent distance away place a wall in front of her and she will jump put keep putting it under her


  21. You deserve more subs.

  22. BRING BACK FAMILY FRIDAYS and Clash Royale content 😌 plz

  23. Has anyone seen the game birthdays the beginnings because when the builder machine is done regenerating it makes a noise that is exactly the same as when you evolve something in birthdays the beginnings. If you have no clue what I'm saying then don't bother.

  24. also,bh 6 is illuminati…everything is 6!wich also means level.6 level.6 level.6…….


  25. he should bring back the "what's up guys it's time to clash with cam" intro

  26. Intro was Fettt wap- Wake up…

  27. guys go sub my channel for coc videos

  28. Can how can u join your clan

  29. bro i have been watching u since 2015/2016

  30. Hello. I just want it to ask if you could make a suggestion to clash of clan game, about, this update and the challenge bases. Because is pretty stupid and annoying, that no matter, how little the modification is you have to wait 24 hours to use the layout. I take out a three and I have to wait 24 hours again. And I bought my last builder. Another 24 hours every time I remove a three 24 hours is annoying. So could you please say something about this?.

  31. what about motar gear up plzz i want to seee

  32. Who else knows how to take out a crusher with 15 raged barbarians??

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