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Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips
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Gameplay Tips

Factual points about the game beyond opinion:

  1. Clan Castle Troops surviving a defensive Raid will return to your Clan Castle at full health, even if they were damaged during the attack. Clan Castle Troops deployed as part of your own attack will be lost regardless of whether they survive the battle or not.
  2. Healers will fit into a level 2 or higher Clan Castle.
  3. Dragons will fit into a level 3 or higher Clan Castle.
  4. P.E.K.K.As will fit into a level 4 or higher Clan Castle.
  5. A Golem will fit into a level 5 Clan Castle.
  6. Enemy troops can still spawn on the darker colored grass where you cannot place buildings.
  7. Multiplayer matchmaking is based on Trophy count only. Enemy levels and capabilities will vary widely.
  8. You get a 12-hour Shield if your Town Hall is destroyed, or if 40%-89% of your buildings are destroyed. TheShield increases to 16 hours if 90%+ is destroyed.
  9. Leaving the Town Hall unprotected is ideal if you are farming.
  10. Your Army Camp troops cannot defend, but they are unaffected if their Army Camp is destroyed during a Raid.
  11. Upgrading your Resource Collectors stops production, and they won’t begin to collect until their upgrade is completed.
  12. If only 40-49% of your buildings are destroyed (not including Town Hall or walls ) you gain a 12-hour Shieldwith no loss to your Trophies. (Use this time to upgrade defenses.)
  13. Defensive Buildings are rated in damage per second rather than per shot; therefore slow firing Defensive Buildings like the Mortar have high damage per shot and yet have a relatively low damage per second rating. This does not mean they are not important.
  14. You can’t cancel a Troop upgrade in the Laboratory, so plan your upgrades beforehand!
  15. Donating Troops to clan members gives high experience points; however the player level currently has little meaning.
  16. The player level can roughly show how long a player has been playing.
  17. Army Camps, Clan Castles, Gold Storages, Elixir Storages and the Dark Elixir Storage can be used while upgrading.
  18. You can move your Buildings/Walls/Decorations during building/upgrading.
  19. Players cannot Raid your village while you’re online, though the game times out if not touched for a period of time (even if your iDevice does not go into screen lock).
  20. The higher level your town hall is, the more defensive buildings you have. However, you will be subjected to loot penalty. Also, the battle searching cost also increases. These are the main reasons why you should not upgrade your town hall too early.
  21. Bombs and Spring Traps, along with Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines, are single-use items and very important.
  22. Your Gems cannot be stolen.
  23. Traps and Decorations can be built without the need of a free Builder, unlike building/upgrading Walls and removing Obstacles.
  24. The Wizard Tower is the only Defensive Building that does splash damage to air units.
  25. The amount of Experience needed to go up a level is (current level-1)*50. So it will take 50 Experience points more every level you are rising. For example: to go from level 10 to 11 requires 450 Experience points, so to go from level 11 to 12 it will require 500 Experience points.
  26. Being in a Trophy League will also provide a loot bonus in addition to the loot from the raid. You enter Trophy Leagues automatically by raiding successfully.
  27. Even though you are in your own Trophy League, you can still raid people from higher (or lower) leagues from up to 200 trophies below and above you.
  28. Healers only heal ground units as well as Heroes. They do not heal flying units, such as Dragons or otherHealers.

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