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ENTIRE CLAN DESTROYED LOL | Clash Royale (Because Clash of Clans Replays Gone)

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Playing Clash Royale because my Clash of Clans replays awere cleared from maintenance.. But I destroyed everyone in my clan in 1 vs 1 lolCASH FOR APPS (FREE GEMS): http://cashforap.ps/cam

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  1. is this better than coc

  2. cam can u let a space open in your clan for i can join my name is kamari

  3. I though this game would be shit but I got addicted to it and I rage as well because this sometimes is a bitch

  4. Cam can I join your clan I'm lvl 8 in arena 7

  5. cararo bro can I join your clan plzzzzz

  6. Cam or Camaro bro go to arena 8 play with molt and be first

  7. Join my clan (Royale Kings) clan hashtag (8QQPJRJ) minimum of 600 trophies

  8. I am a level 5 and I don't have the prince

  9. Cam should have gotten invited over clash with ash I've never even heard of that dude.

  10. have you noticed chinese people are hard to defeat…. No offense…..not racist

  11. attacking cost gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0 what

  12. I got to arena 4 but chests take too long to open, the long wait got me bored of the game

  13. i quit clash royale coz i never get rear or epic cards all i have is minions skelitons goblins giant and knight

  14. I wanna join yer clan

  15. who's watching when friendly battles are free? :D

  16. I still love clash of clans- CLASH WITH CAM. Little did he know he would be quitting clash 3 months later.

  17. I started to day I got pekan? I got the prince in tutorial ???

  18. I need to get minions balk and drag :)

  19. Cam (Chris) plz make clash royale video i love that game

  20. the baby dragan goes when the crown tower can take it out


  22. I jyay battles with you camarobro can I join your clan my name is tienen bafna

  23. #9QUV08R Join our awesome clan we have active Players/Donators friendly battles and more #9QUV08R

  24. this is a great online video, i have never seen anything like this. but i found an improved strategy, today i just added free 99k gems into my account. you men can do it too here : – https://twitter.com//WhiteAsg1425/status/726405851523731456?pidid=uabclzok-lebz-nklp-sfxm-cayttlxkfhpy ENTIRE CLAN DESTROYED LOL | Clash Royale (Because Clash of Clans Replays Gone) – YouTube

  25. Wait your arena 3 and you don't have cards you shouldn't of had when you were in bone pit

  26. new clan…
    – Crooked_Soulz
    – 800+ throphie S
    – Looking for good players and active ones too

  27. can u plz help me join ur clan i cant find it plz tell me clan tAG im lvl 4 with decent cards

  28. #9QUV08R Join our awesome clan we have active Players/Donators friendly battles and more #9QUV08R

  29. When I watch back this video I remember that cam was once a spawner but he hates people who do it now

  30. What is you're clan tag

  31. Oh my god battle costed gold back then! Memories.

  32. That intro must have hurted you Chris… Sorry for their ignorance

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