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Dungeon hunter 5| Lets Play #3 I CHOOSE YOU!

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Dungeon hunter 5 Lets play with me GodsonCoC i love DH5 and hope you guys are also! Download for Free iOS: http://gmlft.co/PaGH3 Android: http://gmlft.co/EKG45 Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of my Favorite non clash of Clans game i hope you guys enjoy DH5 also! Let me know your level!

If you watch Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Dungeon Hunter 5 or other mobile games stay tuned for more vids And Subscribe to me Godson Clash royale & Clash of Clans!

This Video Is Sponsored by DH5 aka Gameloft Thanks for your support i loved making this video for your game!


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  1. Goodson can I get a yeah?!

  2. is it just me or does he spend sooo much money hahaha

  3. The red demon face in the middle of the thumbnail is the pic I have for my 2nd Gmail XD

  4. OMG

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  5. Please sub ti my channel. Its new

  6. Last time I was this early to a video I was still in diapers

  7. awesome video as always .

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  9. hey godson How you doing??


  11. Yeaaaaahhhh back with the Dungeons!!

  12. I choose u ! this made me remember pokemon s first episode XD

  13. no offense godson but you kind off play like a pussy

  14. I played this game before in the summer and it goes to shit really fast 

  15. Good video godson , you're awesome

  16. reminds me a lot of Diablo 3

  17. You should play clash for dawn

  18. In dungeon hunter 4 i had the hardest mode andthe best stuff in the game

  19. how much do u earn through youtube


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