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Clash Royale -XBOW IS OVERPOWERED?!? |Defeating higher players in battle|

Clash Royale -XBOW IS OVERPOWERED?!? |Defeating higher players in battle|
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Clash royale Xbow players are strong! Clash royale Xbow to OP? Clash royale Xbow debate has been raging do you guys think it should be nerved? Check out my clutch gameplay against higher players!!


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  2. Cult is not a good player when the giant health is going down so quick he/she still drop down that hog rider

  3. Anyways it will get nerfed <3

  4. What's a level 8 doing there? I am level 8 and I am in 2400 trophy range how bad are some people.

    Nice Xbow stompin.

  6. whats the difference between a turret and a tower;'? Sorry, i'm foreign:d

  7. xbow users are guys fucks

  8. There is nothing overpowered u should learn to defend it.

  9. You mean x bow is over noob right XD

  10. its pronounced "Clash Royale", not "Clash Royel".

  11. if that guy hit arrows right you would simply lose without overtime.. X-Bow is overpowered that's why noobs use it constantly – since the elixir exchange is always better for the xbow user – lightning/rocket won't stop x-bow – it still does 500 dmg to your tower or 500 dmg to your troops which is riddiculus.

  12. I can hear molt becoming angry

  13. Lmao Clash Royale expressions sound so wrong. "We're pushin' REAL hard here".

  14. Thank god that they are going to patch it!Xbow users are pussies

  15. Whenever I read on comments
    "Xbow users are pussies"
    "Xbow users suck"
    I think it says XBox and I think to myself…
    "Yes… that's correct"

  16. I love vids from godson

  17. my clan on clash royale is SwagRus

  18. Everytime the xbow hits a tower molt dies a little

  19. Idea: X-Bow nerf(actually a few):

    The X-Bow costs 10 elixir but you will get your all of your 4 elixir back once the X-Bow expires/disappears.
    While using the X-Bow, it will require an additional 1 elixir every 7 seconds, which means it will take away 1 elixir at the end of 7 seconds for fuel. slowing the normal elixir production in regular by 2.5 times and slowing in the last minute by 5 times.

    This combats the fact x-bow users constantly play defensive buildings next to the X-Bow. Lowering and limiting the elixir production should help avoid strong fortifications around the X-Bow. Also, the elixir usage is like in clash of clans, were you are required to load your x-bow with elixir to function.

    Note: If an elixir drop is unavailable during the fuel request of the X-Bow, it will be idle for 7 seconds and then request again.
    Note 2: This nerf is definitely a major nerf in the X-Bow. If Supercell wants to, they can add a small little buff to counteract this huge nerf if they take my idea(0.0005% chance they will though :/).

  20. how to counter anykind of enemy's ? just use fireball ,if you have a high LvL fireball that will hurt .

  21. I use my xbow to defend my tower not attack cause of its rapid fire abilities and long range i can take out opponents from far behind one of my tower's.

  22. Hey remember when people called xbows skilled players

  23. pekka and the xbow is my favrite

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