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Clash Royale Strategy – Beating Higher Level Players!

Clash Royale Strategy – Beating Higher Level Players!
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Clash Royale strategy – Clash Royale Tips for beating higher level players! Let’s Play Clash Royale Episode 5!

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“The Angels Among Demons” and/or “Let There Be Light”, “Become A Legend” by
Instrumental Core licensed through Really Slow Motion.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/reallysl…


Clash Royale is here! In an exciting real-time format, players battle head-to-
head in tower defense (and offense), attempting to take out towers while
defending your own! Familiar faces from the Clash universe are here, like
Archers, PEKKA, Goblins, Golems, Minions and more – but there are also NEW characters in these cards, including the Prince, Musketeer, Mini Pekka, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, and the feared GIANT SKELETON! Which cards will you bring in your deck in a battle for Clash Crowns and ultimate supremacy!


Check this out chief!

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  1. That's nothing :q !!!I have 3 stared a lvl 6 as a lvl 2!!!If you read this please let me know…it's important!!!Keep up the good work! ;)

  2. galadon i 3 crowned a lvl 6 when i was lvl 3, i have a lvl 4 account now with only 2 losses and about 900 trophies

  3. HEY GALLY I GOT A X bow from a silver chest
    and I was like

  4. galadon I got a super magical chest at arena 3 now I'm serious I have a picture plz respond if you want to a video on it 100% real I'm not kidding plz trust me now if another person got it plz respond

  5. I prefer normal minions to the horde because most players ignore them

  6. lol, i`m level 2 and i have nearly 1100 trophies. I even 3 stared a few level 6. EZ

  7. Hey I need people to join my clan please it's called Flaming Shadow

  8. i have won a lvl 6 player as a lvl 2 player (3 crowns)


  10. song on the background?

  11. If u play clash royale then please join the clan PEKKA RAGE… We are trying to get lots of people in the clan and so far we have 23 people… I would appreciate if you take a look or even join! See ya there.

  12. Lvl 4 to lvl 6 isn't that big of a difference though. Try a lvl 6 against a lvl 8. Now THAT'S hard

  13. The first person you attacked is fucking retarded. Btw you're in low leagues. Do it in arena 6/7/8

  14. Hey Galadon!
    I just wanted to ask how to get a license for the songs "Become A Legend" and "Let there be light", as I'd really like to use these songs in a video on my other channel! I already wrote an eMail to ReallySlowMotion, but it's been about a week and he still didn't answer… :/
    Is there any other way to contact him?
    I'd be glad if you answered, Galadon! :)

  15. In name of all the community, thanks for beating down that xbow user :D

  16. Please nerf Galadon and chief pat

  17. Great video galadon!

  18. Wow Galodon, I love this video!!!

  19. come and defeat me I'm a lvl 7

  20. Well played sir! Well played!

  21. what is your intro music name ?

  22. I was a lvl4 and I beat a lvl7

  23. Let's keep this comment at an even amount of likes :)

  24. Galadon like u I've done the same…my mini account 3 crowns level 6 all day at level 4…but he's level 6 now,and beats level 7 all day long…troll decks and all! haha

  25. why does everyone get their panties in such a wad over the freakin xbow?

  26. I beat a level 8 as a level 4….

  27. Honestly, a level 7 getting 3 crowned by a level 4 is just embarrassing. If you're that bad, just quit the game. Also, that level 7 was in arena 3 which is even more embarrassing.

  28. I normaly Terry tön backe Race higher lvl player. Art my Friends Account i won as lvl 4 against lvl7 too

  29. didnt know giant and musketeer were a good combo.

  30. I do the thing but I almost lose every time wtf?

  31. They should have goblin hoards

  32. Galadon, you use I movies to edit right, is everything edited with I movies just text and transitions or just the content?

  33. Hi Galadon! Been subscribed for some time now and I've been watching your clash royale, but I'm still wondering why no one has said this but… Why not have something like a clash of clans attack in clash royale. Such as a gowipe in clash royale would be like a golem, wizard and a bomber(wallbreaker) Pretty cool in my opinion so hope you would do this

  34. i am level 3 in 1100+, only matching against lvl 6-7. and i am winning. so shut up about +1lvl struggle.

  35. At 2:06 his right towers health is 666 (Satan?)

  36. a lvl 7 in barb bowl wtf im a lvl 7 in royal…

  37. I am an Arena 7 level 7 and I face level 8 and 9 all the time. They turn out easier than level 7 because they dont have the skills to back up their cards. I have level 8 commons and level 5 rares with mixed epics (1,2 and, 3). To this day I am undefeated against level 9 players.

  38. i am level 4 to and i was fighting vs a level 7 or 6 with pekka and hog and i wont with 2-1 to

  39. You should do a video on the mirrored minion horde deck.

  40. my high scored this strategy 808 trhopys

  41. you play like a loozzerrz

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