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Clash Royale – How to Win with Fireball! Guide, Strategy, Tips, and Tricks with the Fireball Spell

Clash Royale – How to Win with Fireball! Guide, Strategy, Tips, and Tricks with the Fireball Spell
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How to win in Clash Royale with the Fireball Spell! Quick guide on one of the most important cards in the game, the Fireball. There are certain cards in this game that I consider to be of the utmost importance and can provide you with incredible value when used properly. The Fireball is a card that costs 4 Elixir, but properly using it will grant you a value greater than 4 Elixir. And this is how you win battles, by effectively using less Elixir to counter cards or combos of cards that cost greater Elixir. A simple example is using your Fireball on 4 Barbarians, since the Barbarians cost 5 Elixir, using your Fireball on them is a winning move because you spent 4 Elixir, meaning you’ll have 1 more Elixir than your opponent. And making these proper plays will allow you to build up more and more Elixir, which you can then use to create powerful combos that your opponent will be unable to react to because of his lack of Elixir compared to your build up of Elixir. Video also talks about the following topics:
– Fireball vs Arrows
– How to use Fireball to beat hut spammers, spawner decks, building spammers, etc.
– How to use Fireball properly against Mortar
– How to use Fireball properly against Elixir Collector
– How to properly drop Fireball

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Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.

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  1. Who ever wants to join my clan it's called The Champions and my name is CoinDestroyer

  2. I needed this. I just shot them anywhere before .

  3. One time i used a fire ball on an barbarian skeleton army and musketeer combo. Lets just say it was an easy 3 star

  4. This clip is 100 % pure trash. If you need a working version of this hack tool simply make a search " maxiesguides " in google.

  5. Defense spammers are the worst. Unless you can somehow quickly take down 1 tower before they start their spamming, you'll never even touch their tower.

  6. It's odd how you're making clash royale guides but botch all the important details while still talking to your audience like they're 2

  7. Should you fireball an incoming balloon ? don't know since the balloon is 5 elixir and the fireball is 4

  8. I think you are forgetting that when you let your elixir fill up you wasted what you saved

  9. the fireball is better in a deck without anything to counter barbarians and a bunch of ennemy in the same time, personnaly i choose it instead of the arrows because arrows are 3 elixirs but they're only efficient angainst minions

  10. nononono you take out the mortar asap, you dont let it dmg your tower, cause in OT he's just gonna rocket you down if you go by that logic

  11. Seriously? But you fucking lost in that tournament. ldiot. You duck, you should've win. Noob.

  12. I collected some gold to get my fireball at level 5, i requested some fireball cards in my clan, i got 20/20 cards for level 5, i used your tips and i got many wins and ranked up in higher arena level! And most people at my level havent made their rares or epics at level 5 so i can kill these easy with my new fireball level 5, really thanks, subbed and staying here for long time now :)

  13. Ash I just wanted to say that I love all your videos man. They are all so helpful and have helped me achieve some pretty outstanding accomplishments in this game. I really appreciate you putting forth all the work toward creating these for us

  14. i agree with most of your strategy, but i disagree with one of your points. its true mathmatically speaking about the hut users and especially if they are hut spamers, however sometimes they only use 1 goblinhut card and nothing else. if that is so, sometimes it is better to fireball the hut with the crown tower, since it decreases the lifespan of the hut. although its not a great trade mathmatically, you have to remember that your opponent is trying to combo off the goblin hut. most of the time your opponent needs the full life span of the hut to form a decent enough combo, since he/she needs to build up enough elixir to do so(he just spent 5 elixir by dropping). by the time he has another 5 elixir, the hut is gone. i employ this tactic if they deploy a hut right as the game starts. but i do agree about maximizing your elixir trade/returns. and most goblin hut users also carry barbarian huts.

  15. what the fuck are you talking about?

  16. i have just started using fireball and i love it i didn't because of this video but it is a good video none the less i notices most people don't use fireball so i love that too

  17. this was so easy thanks for uploading this it helped lots!

  18. ash ur smart and I just SUBED you!

  19. what about when the hut spammer smart and they put there barb hut in the corner and gob hut in the middle but a bit to the lelf

  20. Youtube is broken,Youtube can only count up to 92,540 subscribers and you got more subscribers but Youtube wont allow it… Weird

  21. looking for clan that have at least 15 players in arena 7 i have 2100 trophies

  22. i often fire the barbarian hut at the moment when two barbarians come out. Is this a good move?

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    and get chests with g3ms —freee

  24. Achieved 70.000k gems in just 4 seconds ,you must make use of it too here: https://twitter.com/crgemsunlimited/status/727903600198995968

  25. Is the fireball worth using on the elixir collector now that it's health was reduced by 20%

  26. Music is: Starbound! Itro and Valco!! You're welcome :)))

  27. I don't like the old fireball sprite

  28. fireball is for bitches who suck at fighting troops

  29. tkz bro!! it's very helpful……..

  30. I cant win a single game if the opponent has a fireball ?

  31. Ooh, now that elixir collector health has been reduced, perhaps we can reexamine the relationship between it and fireball?

  32. Ash cant you change the intro name i mean its clash royale video so no clash of clans??

  33. It's kind of irritating that the elixir pump's hp was reduced AGAIN, because now a rocket can one-shot it and the fireball/poison does a lot more damage to it.

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