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Clash Royale – How to Counter Hog Rider + Freeze Spell Guide | Clash Royale Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Clash Royale – How to Counter Hog Rider + Freeze Spell Guide | Clash Royale Strategy, Tips & Tricks
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Clash Royale How to Counter Hog Rider + Freeze Spell Guide. In this video I want to show you guys the best ways to counter one of the biggest threat in the game right now, the Hog Rider + Freeze combo. This is a very deadly combo that can easily give the user a quick tower kill if the defender failed to defend properly. However, in this video, I’m going to show you guys that it’s not hard to counter this threat. The Hog Rider with Freeze combo is an 8 Elixir combo, and there are plenty of ways to counter this combo without having to spend more than 8 Elixir defending.
The rule of thumb with the Hog Rider is, whenever your opponent sends in a Hog Rider, always be prepared against a possible Freeze Spell. One of the biggest reasons why players struggle against the Hog Freeze combo is because they do not carry a building in their deck. Carrying at least 1 building card is necessary for defending against not only Hog Riders, but also threats such as the Mortar, X-Bow, Balloon, Golem, and many other threats that would otherwise directly target your Arena Towers. These buildings include, Inferno Tower, Goblin Hut, Tombstone, Bomb Tower, Barbarian Hut, Cannon, Tesla, or even the Elixir Collector are all good buildings to block incoming Hog Riders. Watch the video to learn all the best ways to beat the Hog Rider and Freeze Spell!

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  1. Thanks it really helped me

  2. NOW how to counter hog freeze now they nerfed all towers? Everyone are using hog zap/freeze now,

  3. lol i beat a level 8 in builder's workshop. We were both using the hog/freeze strategy, but he didn't have a bomb tower OR cannon to defend.

  4. The freeze is a stupid card, it takes the fun out of the game, is overpowered, freezes for too much time, it gives you too much for 4 elixir, it gives guaranteed tower hits.

  5. here it is my thumb bro ? kinda bored facing hog user horde, lets fight and get rid of them all together

  6. Great strategy!!! Thanks so much for making this video dude!!

  7. lol…ash just got orange juiced up!!!

  8. baloon+freeze is better than hog+freeze duhhh

  9. if anyone really need more g ems in Clash Royale..
    just visit this one:
    CheatsClashRoyale.c om
    I got 99999 from there to my acc…

  10. How to counter skeletons :P

  11. How about for the pekka double prince ?

  12. what's the background music? I love it

  13. dude I use hog freeze!

  14. There's no counter to FAGGOTS

  15. good work mate, keep it up!

  16. Sorry these counters won't work against me I use hog rider and a wizard behind it >:)

  17. scum cards still bomb towers, hogs.

  18. The problem is only few guys will solely deploy hog without any goblins or other things

  19. Just let him freeze then drop goblins

  20. is this CLASH WITH ASH?


  22. Thanks for someone shared this link , i got 100k GEMS from this link =>https://twitter.com/crgemsunlimited/status/727903600198995968

  23. i say if my hog rider gets 3 hits on the enemy tower, it is pretty worth, since usually 10/11 hits is what you need

  24. The problem is not the freeze people is the HOG… He should be 5 elixir and have less hp..

  25. great bro!!!
    thnx for the strategy

  26. The Audio Ducking of the songs sounds weird if there is no attack/release time on the compressor, cause then suddenly the soung goes from full loudness to like 10-20% if you are talking, i suggest smother transitions by higher attack/release times (or are you changing the loudness manually?). But thanks for the video, i realized that many people in my clan use HogFreeze, so now I can combat them :)

  27. says countering hog is easy yeah if its just hog

  28. except who drops the hog at the back usually people place them on the border so placing melee troops like the gobs and barbs wouldn't be as effective because by the time it takes for them to deploy the hog would already be at the tower

  29. Hog freeze is for noooobs

  30. How to conter hog freeze? Work at supercell

  31. I've come across a hog freeze I just rocketed it

  32. I have opened 13 arena 4 silver chests and I sill don't have a hog rider I even tried a crown and golden chest. Just infernos and Tessa's is all I got

  33. Lmao this shit is hella easy to counter. If your having trouble with this…have fun trying to make is in to high trophy Royal and legendary. Most brutal deck is balloon and freeze combo with arrows pre deployed to take out minion horde or a balloon hog stab goblin combo. Much more deadlier combos than this that can take a tower out in seconds..

  34. What I do is place spear goblins in one area and archers in the other, u can't get both in the freeze so it's guaranteed to be dead

  35. Any decks to counter hog-freeze?

  36. Deadly combo? Lmfao that shit is overpowered as fuck

  37. 1000 damage is worth more than a 1 elixer advantage (in the last clip)

  38. ash im stuck in 2700 what should i do ?

  39. i counter it without trouble in a similar way

  40. this is good advice but who places there hog rider at the tower to give you time to deploy? this changes a lot of the cards you can actually place

  41. how to counter credit card pls

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