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Clash Royale – DOUBLE INFERNO TOWER vs. GIANT!! (Hot stuff!)

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Clash Royale Inferno tower x2 against a giant? How can anyone survice that!! Clash Royale is a Clash of Clans style game by supercell! Clash Royale Gameplay, Clash Royale Strategies, & Clash Royale updates will be played weekly on godsoncoc! Clash of Clans was how I started YouTube But Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, & other Mobile Game Favorites will be played a lot in the future i hope you enjoy! Make sure to Subscribe and enjoy the ride Godson Out!


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  1. Wow PBG have Prince lvl 1 i have lvl 2 xD

  2. GamingWithMolt is in YADONE clan

  3. Can you counter with the goblin hut? Or the barb hut?

  4. Love to see you back godson. Yeeeh 😆🍫😊

  5. Cadê os BR pra representar?

  6. did anyone else thought Godson was on the top (red team) on the first game

  7. gotta mash the laughing taunt button whenever you win just to piss off ppl, serious players will suicide for sure, remember ppl its just a game k

  8. Pbg is from molts clan you're welcome

  9. wooww daaaammmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ur not as intresting any more. unsubbing bye godson <3

  11. My skeleton army kills princess fine

  12. Hog Rideeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!

  13. How do you get your game sideways ?

  14. Godson when are you going to make the clan for clash royale

  15. Godson, you are the best 😀 I enjoy every of your videos :'D they are really funny

  16. got a clash royale ad….. quinsedense or how ever u spell that

  17. wow lucas r so annoying

  18. guys there is a glitch in cr when you are in a battle you can't play any of your cards

  19. you only have Lv1 prince? I am 730 cups and I have almost lv3

  20. please do Clash Royale videos w a setup like Molt 🙂 its much more entertaining

  21. godson start doing live attacks

  22. Tombstone actually does rek pekkas and princes thanx for the tip bro

  23. англичане чмо

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