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Clash Royale – Best Rage Spell Deck & Attack Strategy for Arena 4, 5, 6, 7 with Epic Witch Combo!

Clash Royale – Best Rage Spell Deck & Attack Strategy for Arena 4, 5, 6, 7 with Epic Witch Combo!
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Clash Royale best Rage Spell deck and attack strategy for Arena 4, Arena 5, Arena 6, and Arena 7 with the Witch combo! Today I want to share some of the best decks and strategies you guys can utilize with the super fun Rage Spell. I used to think that the best cards to use the Rage Spell on were slow troops such as the Pekka, Balloon, or Giant. But I’d like to say that I was wrong, and that the best cards to use your Rage Spell on are not slow troops, but actually fast troops that do heavy damage and can be used in swarms. The reason why slow troops are not the best to use with Rage Spell is because there’s too much risk involved with them and they are also too expensive in Elixir cost. For example, a Pekka costs 7 Elixir, so it’s very difficult to create a suitable combo with the Rage Spell when the Pekka and Rage together already cost 10 Elixir. So it becomes extremely risky when using high Elixir combos recklessly.
So what are the best cards to use Rage Spell on? From my experience, I would say the best are low Elixir cost troops, spawners, and cards that summon multiple troops, not just one. So here’s one of the best decks that I’ve had a lot of success with using the Rage Spell. We’re using the Epic Witch because of her ability to summon Skeletons, and these Skeletons on Rage become absolutely deadly. Not only that, the Witch has one of the fastest attack rate in game, so coupling her with the Rage makes her crazy fast and also allows her to spawn Skeletons faster. And so because of all of this, I believe that the Witch is the best card to use your Rage Spell with. Rage Spell not only increases the movement and attack speed by 40%, it also speeds up hut spawners such as the Barbarian Hut and summoners such as the Witch summoning Skeletons faster.
So we also have our Barbarian Hut that can continuously spawn Barbarians, and we also have more ways to create powerful swarms with our Goblins and Minion Horde. And since they are perfect combos with the Hog Rider and Zap Spell, we also have them. The Zap Spell is also an excellent combo with the Rage Spell because of its 1 second stun effect that basically allows you to take greater advantage of the Rage Spell. If you don’t have the Zap Spell, then replace it for Arrows, not the Freeze Spell because a Freeze and Rage Spell combo is very expensive, so that creates a lot of risk.

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  1. FOR EVERYONE LOSING!! : The longer you play in a session the more you'll lose, the game will pair you with winning players if you stay on long enough

  2. just got a rage spell from the crown chest but the only card I don't have for this is the witch:(any great replacements?

  3. Let's see what happens if I use dis on my friend

  4. it's not working good in arena 5-6 becuase always the enemy has arrows or and wizard..

  5. what can I switch with zap?

  6. I use balloon with rage
    the other troopw are gobs and skeletons because in overtime I spawn a balloon then all gobs and skeletons then I put another balloon then rage

  7. Can arrow replace the zap?

  8. this is a great video, i have never seen anything like this. but i found a better trick, today i just added free 99k+ gems into my account. you guys can do it too here:

  9. i love this deck it save my life

  10. Nice video, but not sure you know what "rage quit" means. Just because someone stops dropping cards doesn't mean they're "raging". It more likely means they see the loss and want to move on the next game instead of trying to delay the inevitable. Chess players do it frequently.

  11. why dont u upgrade your cards lol

  12. Don't use this strategy it suck I dropped over 400 cups

  13. i havent got the hog rider yet, can i change it with prince?

  14. umm is zap instead of arrow valid??

  15. 9:07 Look! Just after he throw the fireball the hogrider ran backwards for 1 second xD

  16. what i change on zap because i have no zap

  17. spawn giant in the back
    then when it reaches the mid point spawn musketeer and rage
    (works in barbarian bowl is all I know, but u can test in other

  18. should've name it the rage quit spell

  19. That moment when you have everything except for rage

  20. i’ve try this deck with my clan members and i like it, but they are can take down the witch with a fireball, or they can send a giant skelton and after your tower target the giant he will be able to send his goblin barrel and take down your tower
    but anyway i guess it is a good deck so thank you bro

  21. hey ash are u agree that rage spell are the worst card in the game?

  22. I guess the rage spell was pretty effective on that lvl 10 guy because he raged pretty hard xP

  23. Ash can you make a giant and hog deck for arena 4

  24. How do you counter Giant and wizard, with this deck? Looks like Rage spell my is more popular now!

  25. im only arena 4. any replacements for the zap?

  26. I tweaked this deck a little and DESTROYED the hog witch rage combo is OP

  27. 2:27 first minion horde is lvl 9 then goes to level 8???????!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Went from 2952 trophies at 6:38 to 2731 trophies at 6:49 hmm were those back to back? dont think so..

  29. Good strategy but can i replace e zap with anything else

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