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Clash Royale – 35x GIANT SKELETON WAR!! (Giant skeleton Troll wars) Tombstone troll!

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Clash Royale Best Tombstone Deck strategy! Clash Royale Tombstone Giant Skeleton war! April Fools Clash royale TROLL Deck made by Supercell for fun! MASS SKELETON WAR is on giant Larry will not lose! Happy April fools day! For more mobile games Gameplay Subscribe to me Godson Clash Royale & Clash of Clans!


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Clash Royale is a Clash of Clans style game by supercell! Clash Royale Gameplay, Clash Royale Strategies, & Clash Royale updates will be played weekly on godsoncoc! Clash of Clans was how I started YouTube But Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, & other Mobile Game Favorites will be played a lot in the future i hope you enjoy! Make sure to Subscribe and enjoy the ride!

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  1. what for hacks you use? 87 icemagicer

  2. Terrorists favorite game

  3. How do u get the cards?

  4. Wow look when the giant skeleton explode

  5. o.m.g how the fuck dit dat happend

  6. yeah how did u get that badass tombstones

  7. THIS is uploaded on april fools day…

  8. start aiming where you fire your zap

  9. Why is his video too wide?

  10. Godson I am doing what you told me to I am making1 new spell the reverse ark ground spell it makes a ground troop a air troop and a air troop a ground troop but only your troops not clan castl tools like it makes hog tied era fly and drags as walk

  11. Lol what if skeletons spawned 4 Giant Skeletons?

  12. How do u spawn the gaunt skeletons?

  13. oh my %##%%#$###%#&#&%#%-$&&

  14. That's good but i'm still arena 2

  15. how long have they been doing this

  16. check out my channrl

  17. i got 18 giant skeletons at a time check it out in my channel

  18. they shoud do this with skeleton army

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