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Clash of Clans Funny Prank. I pranked a YouTuber during a live stream by kicking him out of my clan lol

Gadi hh: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCadaN3qN2hq297RkBdhP67Q

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  1. Poison spells do stack… I've tested it

  2. nyc.. plz do watch my channel.. and subsribe..

  3. they do stack i tried it… but then agan it was my first time trying a max poison

  4. Congrats cam on 900,000 subs lol good luck for 1 mill I believe in you

  5. How can we join your clan it's always closed is there anyway?

  6. Congrats on 900,000! ~500 Subs Late Sorry ;)

  7. Cam I wouldn't Use React In your videos XD or its gonna be taken down #TheFineBro

  8. coc with cam can i join your clan

  9. Your close to 1m subs!!

  10. I tried to join but someone didn't let me in :(

  11. in close your clan I want to join I have booked your clan I'm gold league 3 and one of your fans

  12. I was once in a clan war the other clan had 34 stars is 9 mins HACKERS

  13. Cam you are boss thank you for interning me.And keep up the good videos I like them.

  14. Cam how do u recruit clan members …i c that u r having your clan closed and still have 42 members

  15. Ihave atown hall 8 and it is apeace of shit iwonder if you can visit me on my clan and you know give tips
    Another thing dood you are freaking awosme iam abig fan of you iwonder if you can make videos about farming

  16. Aww iforgot my clan is dark revenge lvl 5 emarites location so thx

  17. Cam, Poisons stack, but at a cost. They do less damage together

  18. 🙁 your clan is closed plz whenever u can join mine plz its Megiddo plz join plz

  19. hey guys! if you guys kinda started getting bored of coc or dont have enough free time to do other stuff than coc and want to quit it but its way to addicting to quit try checking my coc deaddiction video out…………. it might help! : ) ( i am a fairly maxed th 9 who quit )

  20. camaro bro do pls you clan on invite only

  21. Join BallooNParade plz

  22. If you need resources in the game… Here is an easy way… 
    ClāshGémsGenerator.c om.
    i am using this and I am TH10 since a year ago…          
    if you need help just like this post and comment your IGN and I will try to help you..

  23. dude cam i was with gadihh in ur feeder and he went to you and i was pissed off so much lol

  24. tell him do you know amir?

  25. Hey dude, I'm TH8. My dream is to join the BarbariaN Family. Please, could you help? I have nearly 300 War Stars. I'm a Semi Max TH8, I'm really a good donator. It would really help if you could reply. Thanks a lot, Cam. I'm a great fan of your videos.

  26. are you the leader of BarbariaNParty cam??

  27. Poisons do stack! Dropping the second on after the first wears off is still a good idea though. This is because the second poison spell will continue the effects of the first one and not start building up damage as long as you drop the second one after the first wears off. Also drop the lower level poison first for maximum damage!

  28. Poison spells do stack

  29. cam i really want to join your clan but im th 5 only im your biggest subscriber

  30. Is a th6 even valid for your clan?

  31. Who the fuck are you to copy from Jake?

  32. CAM IM A HUGE FAN! Nice vid to dude. Oh and nice job on your war against Daddy's Darlings.

  33. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahah

  34. Lol wtf was his reaction

  35. When u get Free My apps can it mess up your electronic or anything like that. Also does it actually give u gift cards.

  36. woah 13 minutes into the clan war and only 2 attack done?! Cam what is wrong with your clan?!

  37. how long does it take you to upgrade your heroes? the bk and mr. Queen? jw i see they are 32 38 and 11

  38. Cam what I need to do iš I want to go in your clan I am Townhall 8 my
    name in clash of clans is #VLADAS#

  39. That was really anti climatic

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