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Clash of Clans "You Got Trolled" Town Hall 10 Defense Wins!

Clash of Clans "You Got Trolled" Town Hall 10 Defense Wins!
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Clash Of Clans Attacks brings you a Town Hall 10 Troll base – a little attacking comedy relief in Clash Of Clans!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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  1. Great video as always man👍👍❤️❤️

  2. Trolls ruin the game, hold on, I'm building a troll base.
    the lawls

  3. Witelighting got that on video too

  4. can someone give me a map of how to build this base?

  5. ONG

  6. Dude, you gotta do wall breaker + jump spell, that'll be halerious if they went for it

  7. Wire lightning did panic and said galadon 22 times

  8. Nice Video GALADON..you always give some new ideas in attacking stronger base and new troops combo to use in every base design…hopefully u can check my clan and comment it in youtube..clan name is xZen…my name is NitroAce428 and 2nd Acct is Grimreaper..tnx

  9. Hey um nice vid galadon,just gonna say though(I seen site lightnings vid first) and when I saw it I thought it was weird of you to have a base like that,lol anyway can you give me a base review too?just when you get the time I don't mind,you don't have to but yeah,I am in the clan … Royal Cloak … I am a co and my name is. … Chief. … Thanks

  10. where can I find the layout of this base brother?

  11. I snipe town halls. But u can see when it's a troll

  12. Hey Gallydon! If you have the time, can you review my base? My username is Stavi and I'm in Angeles Caidos 🙂

  13. Could i make it work at town hall 9?

  14. Can i have a base review? Clan "ShadowRegion" account bizarre3. Or 2 you know. whichever u feel. Love your videos!

  15. will u please review my base it is my dream pls pls and the clan name is KING CLAN username is Brayden ur the best clasher u should be on top of the leaderboards

  16. That's awesome. I've been watching a good amount of white YT videos and he has one where he counts how many times he said 'Galadon' lol
    This was a very fun watch. Thanks for sharing budd

  17. Do champions forget how to snipe or something? 

  18. Check out my base Clan- Dragon's Tounge Username- You ( yea I know that name is stupid )

  19. tips for lower level trolling, put giant bombs and spring traps in front of teslas in case they drop giants to take them.

  20. galadon witelightning made a video about that did you know

  21. i want a base review  my name is rock

  22. This Is WolfofTerror here from the clan Chicken Lips #2GQ8LV8Q and im quite sure I've made the best Town Hall 8 Framing Base plz like and comment if you agree. Thx all😘👊

  23. Galadon who actually is peter$17 can u do face cam with him.

  24. My cousin told me that a guy a fall for a trap (Its just bombs and giant bombs)

  25. One does not simply trollbase a troll.

  26. i am also won 7 def at master 2 with this troll base .  my trophy is 3032 now . tnkx galadon

  27. Hi,I am a new Clah of Clans youtuber. Galadon and many others inspired me to do this.plz subscribe to me.

  28. Galadon plz do a Base Review im called Destroyer 2567 in the clan Lobisomem 4.a Portuguese clan btw im the leader butt do it only if U wanna do it!  And also Ur a awsome YouTuber! Plz do it in a vid! Just if U want dough… Thanks 4 never running outta ideias and being maybe the best Clash Tuber eva!

  29. Where i can find design of this base? :/

  30. Join Fearless Rouges.New Active War Clan. YouTube Features.

  31. Hey Galadon ! I really like your videos and especially this troll base. It's pretty awesome and nice way to earn trophies. I'm just wondering if you got a town hall 8 troll base. I would love to have one and also copy the layout. Nice video Thumbs up!

  32. Is there a speed build for this?

  33. i rarely get trolled by troll bases its sort of easy to tell whats a troll base and what isnt for me

  34. Really? 1 star equals one trophy

  35. it may seem that wite was patient and strategic but in his video he was SO scared of losing and was working  lot

  36. This is how I found your channel!!!'

  37. I watched the video of him attacking you and he was freaking out

  38. Hey man where is the screenshot for this base?

  39. Patience is a virtue.😇

  40. hi galadon please send me this design can do it ???

  41. hi galadon please send me this design can do it ???

  42. Galadon can you post more reply on this troll base like 5 to 6? If can then plz and i a fan of yours☺

  43. Uare the best clasher no bad words really good at it again and again in the world to me

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