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Clash of Clans | WTF MOMENTS | Hero FAILS! Tournament Final Round

Clash of Clans | WTF MOMENTS | Hero FAILS! Tournament Final Round
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Clash of Clans WTF moments. How does this make any sense?? Tournament Final Round!

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Check this out chief!


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  2. GRAND WARDEN drop frist

  3. fuck supercell make 1 more hero, so hard to war have 3 hero to count for active ability.fuck development

  4. daamn daniel! daniel and josh are my friends. we are on the same school

  5. Can U do A Vid On Xbox Or Ps4and its cod

  6. just watched video about damn daniel the intro?

  7. Can you give me tips on how to attack with th7

  8. Cam she went around because that was the smart choose to do. His queen is lvl 40 and you know the saying the higher the lvl of the queen the lower the IQ. So she started pounding her head against the wall. Your queen is however, lvl 38. And if you know how to do advance algebra calculation, 40-38=2. which is scientifically lower than his so that means your queen is slightly intelligent and choose to not bang her head against the wall.

  9. cam when will u answer questions from twitter again

  10. Had Danny put down his minions earlier he would have had enough time to 3 star

  11. #camisgoodatattacking….ur greatest fan and iam a youtuber also…..

  12. hey cam your BK went that way cuz u dropped it kinds to the left not right

  13. Cam I want you to judge our clan it is lvl 7 clan and the name is SOMALIAN EMPIRE and it has a badge like your clan

  14. This just proves that clash of clans is a game that is just based on luck..PURE LUCK..god damn it supercell fix this game..

  15. U broke the wall right next to it

  16. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh cqotd:why can't my hearos be as good as cams??????

  17. CQOTD: Should I upgrade dragons to lvl 2 or unlock golems?

  18. Its not your problem cam.This is because the troops AI bugs.supercell is working on it already(maybe).

  19. CQOTD : when will you start live streaming ?
    CQOTD : why did you put this in the video ?

  20. Chris can I join your clan plzz

  21. the heroes don't like you lol

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  23. A green old truck which can fly that's my nightmare

  24. Cam u really are getting better at attacking. good job bro!

  25. It's because they add "intelligence" to the attacks of people who spend more gems

  26. when i was in kindagarden i had dreams about monsters like chucky and the devil and i realized it was a nightmare and i would cover my eyes and plug my eares so i couldnt notice the creapy things trying to catch me and it was better and i watched a lot of horror movies and chucky was my fear

  27. the one time u wanted the queen tk shot the wall she didnt

  28. was watching damn Daniel on Ellen then hopped here. intro…..

  29. guys you that us now boo

  30. your heroes is hate you because you are cheter rules for the clash of clans no cheting

  31. plz….plz… plz may I join

  32. when I have nightmare in my dream i would kill my self in my dream and I will wake up and be fine

  33. why dont u make a cclan of all youtubers

  34. Probably the AQ40, which can deal more dmg/sec reacts different from a AQ38

  35. you should've worked on maxing heroes and everything before rushing to th11 smh

  36. He}a. What A Geniws! venomous shocking What do you think… !!

  37. super wizard hahaaha???

  38. can i join your clan pls?

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