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Clash of Clans | WORST ATTACKER EVER | So Many Fails

Clash of Clans | WORST ATTACKER EVER | So Many Fails
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I am the worst Clash of Clans attacker.. jk not really but I hate losing trophies..

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  1. Oh mey gaod Subskrieb here m9 XDDDDDD!!11111

  2. I am th 8 I am 21 and sort of rushed

  3. Do you guys click on the clan chat notification, and it didn't open so you realize that your an idiot for trying… Yeah I did it too

  4. wall breakers are so dumb, I hate them

  5. hey.. can any1 tell me the clan tags of feeder clans of BarbarianParty (Pro n Parody)
    cos thers r so many clans with same name saying "true feeder clan of barbarian party"..

  6. @Clash of Clans with Cam How can i join the barbarianparty dude?

  7. Lol why would this guy pretend to farm if he gems everything … Yea everything


  9. When cam gets a 3 start Clan chat be like CAM TURN THE FREEKING MODS OFF

  10. here's a challenge for u cam attack with 1 golem 10 witch and the rest wizards the spells use 5 lightning 1 poison attack the first base and take 90 percent without the townhall good luck

  11. Please do a town hall 7 guide. Like about farming and ESPECIALLY UPGRADE-ORDER!!!

  12. how does he record his screen

  13. if u lose,and quit coc,giv me ur account….

  14. Hey plz check out my channal

  15. u cant photoshop ANY VIDEO!! :p
    <3 U CAM!

  16. Lol whend you hit 1mil I haven't been here since 700k


  18. Have to say, was an epic intro.

  19. u think that's bad? in war I there was 1 builder hut left then I ran out time and oh my god I almost smashed my iPad cause I had 98% and ran out of time as soon as my troops got to the builder hut.

  20. I fucking quit, OK were doing it again ??? What

  21. Your intros are the best, they are not like those gay dubstep ones, keep them coming 😀

  22. Why do the eagle shoots and if she die the shooting will still heat?

  23. Wow.. You searched 46 times for that base, hh? Lucky find, I have to search over a 100 times to get such a good offer

  24. can the wallbreaker die if u use ethernal tomb of grand warden?

  25. Queen walk is good for farming not that good for trophy pushing

  26. Has 2 jump spells
    Has 7 wallbreakers
    Why the fuck put 2 jump spells next to each other.
    Why the fuck train 7 wallbreakers when you have 2 jump spells.

  27. Any one who want to give me your clash of clan accout you can give me i will play your account

  28. At like 9:30 he Said that he would quit coc and play boom beach if he didnt win that attack then a little bit later he said that he would only attack with goblins if he failed…. So what would you do Cam?

  29. Honduras Clan!!!!!! VIVA HONDURAS Y LOS CATRACHOS!!!!!????????????

  30. cam can u join my clan puppy beast plz

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