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Clash of Clans – WORLD #1 CLAN DEFEATED! Clan War Shocker!

Clash of Clans – WORLD #1 CLAN DEFEATED! Clan War Shocker!
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Clash Of Clans Attacks brings you clan war – the #1 trophy ranked clan in Clash of Clans defeated!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards,
Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the
ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back
the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan
reigns supreme over all others!



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  2. I am a th8 and it takes forever just to find a base with atleast 250k gold. Galadon, can you ask supercell why they took out dead bases? Makes no sense. Clash needs a small loan of a million dead bases.

  3. you should visit LP5 Zeus Galadon

  4. Hmmm why dont supercell work on eliminating modders before all this big shit?

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha awesome! That is all.

  6. Win-lose ratio of clan is skill level

  7. Did u guys see the grand warden jump over walls, without a jump spell around 4.40 in the video

  8. pause the vid at 3:29 lol look at those wizards and the shot of eagle artillery

  9. All the th8's crying drop down to silver 1 and just be a little more optimistic

  10. i completely agree with removing town hall sniping but at th9 its impossible to find any loot

  11. #Rebalancing Couldn't they add an additional level to the xbows? That would take down the witches and skeletons a lot faster….

  12. Yo galadon, you should check out my clans recent war. We were horribly matched and we are hopefully going to win it. Clan: CalamityLegends

  13. Jesus, Galadon ! I don't know id you live under a rock or someting, but Supecell removed Death Bases from the Search ! IDK what you consider that, but i consider that as an attempt to kill Farmers. "No pasaran"

  14. I honestly don't understand why everyone is bitching about farming is dead. I could be wrong about other townhalls, but my townhall 9 actually can rack up dark elixer pretty fast. Not to say that I don't get smashed hard each defenses, I get like +2,000 taken away, but on each raid I do I smash hard too, and I do like 3 raids per defense each time so I'm making like +5,000 dark elixer per raid so I don't understand what's everyone's problem. And I don't go for Dead Bases, just those with loot in the storages with giants wizzies and pekkas

  15. Galadon, it is not bad at all, you just may not get as much loot barching with no spells; that is, unless you can do it! 🙂

  16. When you have to spend 300k to win 150k there's a problem this update was solely aimed at 20% of players 50% of all gem purchases come from that 20%.

  17. galadon why did u gem ur base ? 🙁

  18. #1 in what?! :)) Pushing i suppose. Pushing does not equal wars. You defeat them if you are hogher ranked. And your shitty clan doesn't stand a chance against top th10/11 clans (even fairplay clans, which DO exist since the update).

  19. Farming is not dead, I have proof on my YouTube Channel

  20. farming still exists its not gone its just that you cant put you th outside i should know i have two accounts ath5 and a th7 but its not as easy for the th7 as the th5 because in my th5 account i can easily find dead bases

  21. a update with giant bomb lvl 5 with 5 range for kill the witch

  22. I don't like the fact that #1 clan is based off of trophies. if that's the case they should have a separate #1 war clan. #1 donating clan #1 attacking clan an #1 defending clan.
    also I'm a th 10 and I lose 10000 dark in 2 days, I attack once while I have my shield and once with my guard. won't get hit til halfway through the night my pumps aka collectors, mines and drills will be 25-50% full. this is my problem I can't control the shield like I could when I was th sniped. I understand the concept of the business side as well as the "full attack" side but I'm not making anything! we need a better source of income, cause after this boost it's gonna be horrible. expect to see higher lvl pumps the ability to 50% a base without a 1/3 of your army or the bonus to be fixed.
    last thing I feel the damage dealt bonus should be changed back but when you 3 star a base you get a better bigger bonus instead of the standard bonus so there would be league bonus and 3 star bonus.


  24. Galadon you are correct, th10 is a struggle now especially for newer th10s, basically having to look for real weak th10s to atk and not maxed th10s. Its especially hard to get the loot using such expensive troops and maybe not even getting all loot storages. Its hard to 3 star a th10 and that with a trophy pushing comp, not even farming.

  25. Galadon, farming is dead, they have actually told people that farming is dead. They also removed dead bases, so you can get an infinate shield if you never attack. Go watch I think it was FSUATL's rant on farming, proof is there. Also, Supercell did it for money, now we buy gems to get the gold and elixir and dark elixir, especially at town hall 11 with the Warden costing over 7 million at some levels. Thanks for reading though.

  26. The game sucks now and the bulk of players say the same thing. Your ridiculous denial of reality just how much of a sellout you are.

  27. so close to 1m subs keep it up galadob

  28. Almost 1 Milion subs ! 😃

  29. Hey guys as protest u should stop playing the game and stop paying if u pay. That will hit a dent in where it matters the pocket

  30. Okay. So im a mid th10 and a total addict. I loved the game until the update came out. Now, i get unbelievably crushed after only a couple raids. The new shields have killed the game for me and slowed farming exponentially. As someone who plays the game 24/7, take it from me that these shield rebalances have killed farming for the general community

  31. That first attack looked so skillfull… /endsarcasm

  32. Oh no, it is just as I feared, coco is turning into cs go soon there will be voice chat then harassment with voice chat then custom troops from cases lol imagine this : Dragon I Dragon lore if you don't know what that is I am too lazy to explain lol

  33. My little brothers last clan message was 555 days ago

  34. They have 36 wins not that big of a shocker

  35. Galadon, stop dick riding supercell. This update was awful. As a war enthusiast, I can speak for the community in saying we have waited months and months for SOMETHING. What do we get? The ruin of TH9? You trophy pushers are the biggest shits in the game. You take advantage of bugs and unbalanced features, use it to your advantage, and as soon as it happens to you, you bitch and moan, straight to the forums. So, Supercell, being the clueless (I won't even say what I think of them) developers they are, have to make another update towards that group of the game. Keep in mind, this is probably about 0.01% of the game. Yes, taking advantage of things is human nature. But maybe for once, just maybe, Supercell will test their update features before an hour prior to public release. "Keep leaving your feedback." Supercell has no idea what the war community wants! And I'll say this. Pushers are the least skilled players in this game. Just the ones yet to lose the v-card at the age of 40.

  36. Galadon, remember when you could not get to over 5000 trophies and you even to a brake because you kept failing? As soon as you bought your th11 upgrades you got over 5000 trophies. Th11 attacks are obviously much easier now. Please don't come on here acting like you are a war clan now. You got good after you guys bought your th11 crap. Do not forget that. So do not come on here asking for some ranking for clan wars because you think you are good now. You still suck.

  37. What's your intro mix called galadon?

  38. lol they are only good at pushing, but they're not elite(3 star max attacker) in clan wars.

  39. Galadon can you watch and subscribe to my channel

  40. do u know when it will release (clash royale)

  41. i cant stop watching ur vids. help me

  42. The characters mean Tang Dynasty's Emperor

  43. Farming used to be hard until the Loot cart and Treasury update when they brought back dead bases. Now in my th8 I get so much loot and even on my th10 u guys can't be in Titans and expecting dead bases for th8 go to gold 2 and for th10 go to Crystal 2 or 3

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