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Clash of clans – WIGOBOWLIN BEST NEW STRATEGY!! (Th10 and TH11 Gameplay)

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Clash of clans wigobowlin new strategy!! Clash of Clans New Troop bowler with golem and wizards in an awesome composition against TH 10 & TH11. Clash of Clans New strategy wigobowlin with bowlers should be a fun new strategy to attack high level th 10s and th 11s. Lets test this strategy in war next time!


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  1. What is the song in the start

  2. loved the name though, wigobowlin

  3. their should br level 4 peeka in th9..and golbin king must be their..

  4. what was the name of the intro song again? I seriously can't remember

  5. Why the bowlers face at this human body are you freaking kidding me

  6. why do you keep saying yeeeeaaaaaa your so funny hhahahahahahhaahhahahaha stupidity

  7. tooooooo much dark elixer for nth… bad strategy, use mass bowlers it is 3 star bro

  8. Wegobowlin would include a goblin dipshit where does the lin come from that would come from a goblin wtf

  9. why dont u upgrade ur wizard tower to lvl 9

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