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Clash of Clans | WEIRDEST NEW TROOP COMBOS | Baby Dragon/Dragon, Miner/Hog Rider

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Weird troop combinations in Clash of Clans using the new baby dragon and miner troops in CoC!!

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  1. do the attack u did last more often it was fun to see

  2. +Cam Sucks at Gaming CQOTD: how do u record ur voice and screen

  3. I'm Th8 can i join ur clan??

  4. seams like everyone is doing comment question of the day

  5. If you think that's weird………..

  6. I love parks and recreation!

  7. Cam you attack a Pilipino am Pilipino

  8. The eighth wonder of the world is Andre The Giant

  9. Cam, i just finished upgrading my base to th10 and i been losing ever since. Plz help!

  10. CQOTHD: Have you ever used the queens ability

  11. 0:44 This strategy should be called Hog Miner

  12. Make The First One A Stragey Named Ho-Mi Or Mi-Ho

  13. ur not good at attacking with Miners that's why u lost with ur clan mates and did 60%

  14. Hog Miner, Dragon Family, and Hog Miner Dragon Family Lava Loon Healing Wall breaker strategies.

  15. Which is better to use? Cash apps or free my apps?

  16. lol you always miss the Queens ability.

  17. what was the movie's name in the beginning?

  18. That moment when chris realizes that there is only one wonder of the world left.

  19. I want o join your clan plssss

  20. CQOTD : how can i join your clan ?

  21. Try a combo of pure hogs and babydragons

  22. I usually do not comment……… but for this video I should

  23. Great right now Cams gonna attempt to three star

  24. Please tell supercell to add another link device option in the new update, for iOS to Android,. please please please please please please please

  25. Isn't the baby dragon just a more powerful lava pup?

  26. this comment won't get 3000 likes

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