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Clash of Clans UPDATE SNEAK PEEK! Loot / Eagle Changes!

Clash of Clans UPDATE SNEAK PEEK! Loot / Eagle Changes!
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Clash Of Clans UPDATE – Clash of Clans Attacks brings you another Clash of Clans Update ‘sneak peek’ video!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards,
Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the
ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back
the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan
reigns supreme over all others!



Check this out chief!


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  1. another fucking bad update …. What are you doing Supercell ????

  2. the update came out and I went to update but it says my phone isn't compatible with this version. I have a Samsung 5s that has the newest version. Anyone know why it isn't working?

  3. So many smart arses know it all smh I'm th10 I can see the problems for th7 and th6 why u gotta be idiots a lot of people use giant healer at th6 I see no problem with what works let people comment without rippin in as the worlds best know it all dicks

  4. Plus galadon keep up the good work fella ?

  5. i can't play the freaking game anymore, because my device is "incompatible"

  6. Clash of clans needs to release a beta instead of just messing with everything after they screw up their updates.

  7. After my game updated when i open it it just black screen the supercell screen dont even pop up its just not loading and crashes my whole tablet im on ( Kitkat ) IM FROM PHILIPPINES!!! # PINOYCLASHERS

  8. Bull shit i cant play it no more because of the update

  9. Last two updates didn't change anything for TH8 ):

  10. i cant even download the new update to my phone.

  11. congrats galadon on 1mil subscribers! you're awesome! :)

  12. contragullations for 1000000 subscribers

  13. 1 gem boost all winter. I guess winter ends January 26th now? Kinda bullshit they pulled that.

  14. Does the addition of the treasury mean you cant get ANY loot from destroying a CC? If so, does it still count as a resource building for goblin targeting and bonus damage?

  15. no it won't be change my att I kill the air def before o even att even with my town hall 10 I att with dragons and balloons earthquake spell with lightning spell and 2 hast spell I sometime get 3 star but for the most part I get high % with I'm done and my hero are low lvl

  16. are u fucking serious th 7 gets another air defense wtf man thats so dumb!!!! i just upgraded my fully maxed out th 7 and know th 7 gets an extra air deffense thats b.s i was thinking about rapping th 7s with alot of loot know i gotta waste alot of dark elixer for hogs

  17. I have a feeling that Galadon should use a general term such as he/she instead of just saying he. I don't know why, but it seem to bother me a bit

  18. they should make it to where you can use a poison potion from your castle while being attacked


  20. When are these mofos going to make heroes available for war use during upgrades.

  21. Got the update. Treasury and star bonus is too OP!

  22. U killed the golem galadumb… Lets jus make the eagle deal 3 x damage to everything if the golem thats SUPPOSE TO TAKE DAMAGE SO OTHER TROOPS CAN ENTER A BASE IS NERFED! SUPERCELL YOU GUYS SUPERSUK COC MAKING IT A BAD GAME LIKE BOOM BEACH NOW. idiots!

  23. thats dumb of the another air defence in town hall 6 and 7

  24. Full of stupid supercell. You killed the clash of clans…. New update is sucks

  25. Bring back old clash of clans!!

  26. Loot benefits are smoke screen! After royal fup by supercell from last "update" they now gave eagle 3 x damage power against golems, making ever more impossible to 3 star th 11 base. I'm guessing supercell did not loose enough players YET. JUST A REMINDER FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT UPGRADE TO TH10-11. ONCE U GET UP HERE AND ALL YOUR UPGRADES COST 8M AND UP, ITS PRETTY IMPOSSIBLE TO COLLECT ENOUGH. SUPERCELL MADE SURE YOU PAY THROUGH YOUR NOSE FOR UPGRADES AT THIS LEVEL. SO – IF YOU STARTING THIS GAME, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON UPGRADES, IN THE END YOU GET F.CT PROPER!!!

  27. galadon ive a really important question to ask where has your clanmate greg ohcee gone???

  28. Loot cart and treasury is so sht

  29. How about listing exactly how much damage Eagle 1&2 does to ALL troops??

  30. dang it my account has been reset

  31. congrats but not here in crystal, we a now struggling. with the updates. th8s are in bad shape If we are looking for de. I do alright but in order to do great I have been forced to attack th9s and 10s believe it or not idk. lol but its true and I have the replays to prove it, but nearly maxed th8s can't find good loot in gold or crystal ( de wise) and cannot be a casual player to make masters and above trust me I know

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