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Clash of Clans Update, Live Stream, Finland, 4 Million in Loot Lost!

Clash of Clans Update, Live Stream, Finland, 4 Million in Loot Lost!
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Clash Of Clans Update, Clash of Clans Live Stream, and a trip to Clash of Clans HQ all covered in today’s episode – along with replays totaling over 4 million in resources lost!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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Category: Games
Updated: Oct 22, 2014
Version: 6.322
Size: 52.9 MB
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
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Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


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  1. Galadon, your voice belongs in the news not in youtube it is just very easy to understand

  2. When are the dark elixer single player maps coming?I have been waiting forever It seems.

  3. I really like your videos and I have some really nice attacks one being a spam troop barch with a DREADFUL 49 percent and 1 mistake costed me the 2 star and another one that is 400000 to 500000 in loot my clan is MasterFighers with only me in it… I really like your videos again and keep doing full attacks 😀

  4. Galadon, in all sincerity, i'll take your videos over any of the other popular youtubers any day.  my clan is entirely made up of adults and we were the 65th clan in the world to get to level 3

    so… the kiddies can play at the kiddie table   =o)

    regarding what i'd like to see on your channel – lets keep things fresh and evolving.  too many others keep rehashing the same old material – but it'd be good to see you evolve with your base and tactics.  lets talk about advanced funneling and defense.  lets learn that surgical lavaloonion that's getting so popular.  we have th9s 3-starring other th9s with surgical lavaloonion and its something i'd really want to learn!

    anyway – keep up the great videos – love the energy, love the in-depth reviews and analysis!  keep it up 🙂

  5. They should add a dark elixir equivalent of the healer, it should throw rage

  6. If I could change one thing about clash, I would make heroes available for war attacks only, even when they are being upgraded. I'm in a clan that wars a lot and I'm the only town hall 10 and whenever I upgrade my heroes for 7 days it really puts us at a disadvantage.

  7. Let me join ur lost phoenix clan just to visit after your push…I'm currently in LP5 Cruz azul……my clash name is betty8oop55.I wanna get some tips from you on pushing in chat

  8. Make a townhall 8 version of the gauntlet base

  9. Who cares how old he is?! Galadon is one of the best youtubers regardless…and hes not even that old.

  10. Galadon I don't care if ya old! You dotn even look too old you were just sitting next to pat,and he's young.You're great!

  11. What? I thought you were 20 or so

  12. I got a suggestion for the next update. We should be allowed to choose what war loot u want to collect and not have to collect it all at once. For example, i want to store some elixir away in case i run low but i have a gold shortage so i go into the clan castle and only collect my gold with my elixir still inside it.


  14. Bolto4 is a close mate of mine and his life is clash. His 27, works his job and any party his at he will be off somewhere clashing it up. You have no idea how proud he was to raid you. I wouldn't know, im a scrub at the game haha

  15. please go fetch his walker peter lmao

  16. they should redo the raid system and model it like the war attack map where you can attack nearby or random people in your league

  17. It takes balls to show your face to that many people.

  18. kckool is from my clan :p

  19. kckool is from my clan :p

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