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Clash of Clans Update Interview! Balance Changes Discussed with Supercell – CoC Clan Games Update!

Clash of Clans Update Interview! Balance Changes Discussed with Supercell – CoC Clan Games Update!
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A special video discussing the Clash of Clans Update Balance Changes with Darian, the CoC Community Manager at Supercell. The Clan Games feature was just one of the major changes implemented in the Winter Update. There were a number of balance changes including Inferno Towers no longer blocking heal, Level 50 Archer Queen and Barbarian King, New Army Camps; the list goes on and on. We discuss these changes with Supercell to find out exactly why these changes were implemented. There is a drop off in engagement and 3 star attack success rate from TH9 to TH10 and TH11 – the balance changes aimed to mainly target this. Throughout the interview you will hear how these changes may implement other aspects of Clash of Clans gameplay including Matchmaking, Clouds and Legends League. You can be rest assured that Supercell are monitoring these changes very closely and will be able to tweak things as necessary for the desired effect. Moving onto 2018 Darian shared how Supercell have great plans for CoC updates moving into the new year and I for one am very excited to see how the game in shaped. Make sure to let me know your thoughts on the update balance changes in the comment section below. Clash On!


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  1. An EXCELLENT Interview Judo! Thanks on many levels!

  2. Wow what an great interview clears everyone's doubt of update

  3. Why not just adding a little bit of DPS or HP to some troops instead of changing the infernos mechanics?

  4. Darian!!! Judo!!! Merry xmas guys! Great video judo…so glad your still doing content. You deserve a million subscribers man best wishes always and thanks for this video!

  5. Judo, You missed on a golden opportunity to bring up war weight as related to the inferno nerf. Now engineering will get far worse as there no incentive to build infernos which weigh a ton

  6. Darian bro u should fix hero's regetion time make low regertion .

  7. Only video I found with positive comments about the update. 👍 As a leader.. I love the new update, even the inactive members have started playing.

  8. Is it just me, or does this help the engineered bases at th11 because there is more army camp space and room to attack?

  9. The video discusses difficulty and 3 star rates, but the reduction of strategy is a major concern I have. The inferno nerf removes a lot of the strategical aspect behind attacking and defending. Previously when you looked at the infernos, you had to plan a strategy for them, but now you can just treat them as a regular defense.

    Unique aspects of units and buildings are what creates strategical depth in the game. For example, air defenses are important objectives for air attacks and planning lava hound pathing. The hidden tesla is unique as a hidden defense, so they can be used in the form of tesla farms or corner troll teslas. The old double giant bombs were unique in that they used to instantly kill hogs, which added a lot of strategy around basebuilding and surgical hog deployment.

    I am convinced that Supercell will monitor and tweak difficulty properly, but have they considered the massive drop in strategical depth?

    Side question: Multi-target infernos (often paired with giant bombs) were previously the best defense against the more "spam" attacks usually involving bowlers/miners/witches. Now that they have received a significant nerf, the success rate of these spam attacks can be expected to increase. One concern I have with this is that eventually, these types of attacks will often be successful enough that people will be discouraged from using other creative/multi-stage attacks. After all, why plan out a complicated attack when you have a better shot of success by just doing a simple funnel and spamming troops down the core?

  10. Stats don't lie I agree there. However, Stats do not tell you everything. For the mature players, there is no real challenge at the max th9 to max th11. Strategy means planning and executing tactics. There is no planning, if just little required to attack a th10 and up now. Just bring a few healers and spam your troops. In my view, there was better ways for them to up the offence success rate. So I hope it does not kill the 'mature' field.

  11. Awesome video Judo Sloth! Glad you did that interview!

  12. Inferno tower nerf is one of the worst balancing update in clash of clans history.It takes no talent and skill to play this game anymore.It's completely pointless playing this game since the update. I'm done with this game forever.

  13. Hi Judo Sloth, great interview! Thanks for that! Here are two questions I wish you had asked 🙂

    a) Is now the inferno considered an inferior defense? Has its war weight decreased?

    b) Why is the 3x damage of the eagle on golems still there?

  14. Atleast increase dps of inferno tower else it will make engg more

  15. Great video.
    Best SC update in years.
    Best SC interview in years.

  16. Just helped the engineered clans more viable with this update clash team.no way for th 10s to defend against them now with inferno nerf.th9 say th9 simply because of hero upgrade not infernos.if u made warring with hero's available they would go th 10 way faster.

  17. What is the probability % on how often we can get the MAGIC BOOKS..

  18. Well done guys! Great info all around for the community

  19. Great vid. Great interview. Great move of SC. May need more balancing but this is the way to go.

  20. Idk man I wanna get some sort of satisfaction of 3 starring a hard base….adding the heal effect under towers suck (and I'm not even th10 yet)

  21. I think this is a great update with one GLARING exception!!!
    In my casual, but war focused clan, we agree completely with llewylnmoss post bellow. The excessive number of radically engineered TH11s and clans will now be FAR worse! We have already lost several long term (2yr plus) players because the last "balancing" update made this worse….now this?
    Without significant additional war weight penalty for th10 or 11, by itself, the perverse incentive is to have a couple solid th11s art the top of your clan, then lowers be radically engineered th11s with max th11, CC, camps, lab and one max TH11 army comp, but th9 or 8.5 level defense matching with th9s or 8s.. In 15v15 clan wars, we routinely face 5-11 th11s with max th11 troop comp against our 1-2 balanced th11s. Having to get a perfect war every time, to even tie, is VERY demotivating.

  22. I bet a lot of you do not know that judo is a japanese sport.

  23. Most of the feedback from the inferno nerf you're reading is positive? You're kidding me right, Darien? I must be playing a different game. And Judo it was ok to speak your mind, you can just say it, the inferno nerf is terrible. I am so sick of games pandering to the weak. Everything gets noobed. They better adjust the infernos or all the good players are gonna play a different game. Multi infernos are WORTHLESS now. Valks are terrorizing bases again. The multifernos need to be buffed BIG TIME. Leaving single infernos is NOT the way. Not enough beams. Its a skelly spell away from being worthless too. It's not good for the game. Im already seeing the difference in multiplayer. And once we see everyone with 260 troop space and 50/50 heroes, good luck. Good—luck.

  24. Very well said darrion…powerbang and the other youtubers whose really really good in attacks and have MAX HEROES AND TROOPS ON th10 and th11 are answered.👏👏👏

  25. Thank you so much for this video! This informed me a lot! It helped me calm down out my faith in Supercell again!

  26. Is clan games is permanent????

  27. This video deserves more views tbh

  28. The miner increase was because of top players telling you what might be Top players aren't normal public players Why not increase Loons? Th11 just spam loons. They now have higher lvl heros. Seriously? it's bad enough a TH11 whith lvl 45 hero doing QW then spam loons.R.I.P TH10. I'm near max TH10 majority of bases i see to raid are TH11, It's always the same the updates always benefit TH11 not the other lvl TH. Trying to keep people playing a game who have spent years to progress through the game with updates like this, the balance just isn't there. You should have increased offence to give people a chance to get more than one star or fail attacks. Whats the point in putting infernos in your base now? They are pretty usless now. Congrats on the games something new to play..They are just a gimmick though, they will die out quickly..

  29. Just one big issue missing in the Interview. My clan is not maxed out by far. So we have big issues with engi cw Accounts. These became much worse now.
    Way more depressing then the Inferno cause all the work i put in my Base is just useless against 4month of engi …

  30. Nice to see Hans Gruber is an expert on Clash

  31. hi judo bro good vedio

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