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Clash of Clans – Ultimate Giant-Healer Attack Strategy + Guide!

Clash of Clans – Ultimate Giant-Healer Attack Strategy + Guide!
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Here’s the ultimate guide for the Giant + Healer attack strategy in Clash of Clans. Let me know if you want to see more 🙂
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  1. nice strategy…but i like to use 2 heal and 1 rage. Because sometimes ads are inside and  after the healer has gone those spell saves a lot and help to go inside.

  2. Don't have your town hall out like that because if they take that dawn they get 50%

  3. Actually it is good for th6, I like to use 1 healer, 10 giants, 2 heal spells, 8 balloons, 2 wall breakers, and rest archers.

  4. How about 3 air defenses…  in the middle, spread out…  great vid…

  5. It's best to drop your barb king with your Giants during giant healer it actually helps

  6. i use wizards and 3 healers

  7. you talk so much !! explain meanwhile you're playing not before

  8. Hey Guys! Please join my clan, Alpha Pack. The clan tag is #L99YUJ9R. We are active and we donate a lot. Please join so this clan can be successful for war.

  9. I use 15 giants 3 wall breaker couple of archers and 12 wizards and I'm townhall 7

  10. Dude these fucking attacks piss me off xD

  11. I think the other strategy is better where you have like 17 healers and u can use one troop to troll a base mainly like 2 giants for easy base Barbarian king Archer queen

  12. too many,not too much pat

  13. giant goblin wizard works very well

  14. Wow 2 years already? Ping fao playground dang the memories

  15. I absolutely love this attack strategy

  16. giants + healers = you've got some mental issues

  17. I'm a maxed Th7 I use 15 giants 1 healer 20 gobs 5 wallbreakers n rest arch (farming) When I push I reduce no. if arch and a add a few wiz.

  18. for giants healer th6 stratigy with goblins and wall breaker total cost (my farming composition)
    wall breaker(6)(lvl3)=2000X6=12000
    barbarians(4)(lv3)=60X4=240(for traps and checking cc troops, i ususlly surrender if there are cc troops)
    total units =135(max th5 army camp bring on few archers if you have it upgraded) total cost=37790

    lightning spells(2)(lvl4)=2X20000=40000(for destroying mortar if necessary, i only use it if the elixir loot is above 200000)
    total cost with spell 77790
    so if you intend to use this stratigy with spell go for more than 200000 elixr
    if you intend to use it without spell around 150k elixir is just enough..
    you are welcome

  19. i take 2 healers 15 giants 6-7 wall breakers 83-85 archers 2 heal 1 rage and i win 😀

  20. I take 20 giants, 6wiz,some archers,7 wall breakers and 2 healrs

  21. my level town hall is 7 . my name isn't th7!!

  22. (town hall 8) my army 17 level 4 wiz 3 level 3 healers 17 level 5 giants my level 10 king.yay

  23. it's best to use (for your th lvl) 15-20 giants, maybe 25, 2 healers, all healing spells and barbarinas or archer for the rest of army troops space.

  24. this is hard to do now

  25. I just lost 29 trophies doing this attack strategy, Yep I took out the air defense with lightning spell, And waited for giants to take out air defense and deploy healer, Nothing, Complete fail, Though I love you pat keep your videos up, I think i might have done something wrong in attack,Keep rocking 👍

  26. My healer keep healing the archers and wizard ? help

  27. bro in new version there r 2 air defences

  28. what?? lightning spells takes gold to brew! hmm

  29. Where is his Town Hall?

  30. Where is his TownHall??

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