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Clash of Clans | THIS CLAN QUIT | Town Hall 11 3 Starred by TH 10?

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Clash of Clans this clan quit because we rekt them. TH 11 3 starred by TH 10??? CoC

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  1. can u do 2 golem 4 pekk 15 wiz 10 wallbreaker and rest healers spells 2 rage 2 freeze 1 jumpb

  2. YOU RAN INTO HITLER i thought it was Charly Chaplain

  3. JOIN OUR CLAN ''Gorilla Warfare'' I would be Really happy BTW u dont suck at gaming dont name your channel like that >:(. My name is aa im TH7 and a rushed base. Help me in making my base better JOIN IT NOW! will u play alot on your new coc Acc? u better HELP ME

  4. so you can join TABH 😀

  5. Lol I tried the King walk but it didn't work, DONT DO IT

  6. why have u closed barbariaNparty

  7. Yo At 11 Gowipe is Not That Good

  8. cam can i join ur clan

  9. The intro was funny lol

  10. Join my clan! : Scorpion SuperemeI am also a youtuber so, watch my videos and I am your subscriber too!!

  11. He forgot to use the queens ability

  12. wtf you did not use the ability of the qeen

  13. how many trophis do i need to join your clan cam

  14. Cam Really Sucks At Attacking

  15. what I have to do to join barbarian party

  16. what so annoying was that bnp danny got 95% and no word for him

  17. ur new account join hard drive and look for somebody named mini boss and death plus sniper 1000

  18. I know I'm supposed to be supporting cam, but IT'S THE STRAW HAT PIEATES!!!!! LUFFFYYYYY!!!YASSSSS

  19. why didn't you gowipe?

  20. One of my max th8 clan mates is in champions 2 league

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