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Clash of Clans “The Return of Noah’s Ark” Attack Strategy in Clash!

Clash of Clans “The Return of Noah’s Ark” Attack Strategy in Clash!
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Clash Of Clans Attacks brings back Noah’s Ark attacks to Clash of Clans! Two of every unit! One of every spell! Is it a viable Clash of Clans Strategy?

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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  1. Did galadon stop replying to comments?

  2. Galadon I watch every single video you upload because I think you are a great youtuber. Im sure you would have way more followers if it wasnt for the whole masterov thing. I made a new base and I was wondering if you could do a base review.
    Clan: war headz
    User: Blueray50

  3. I love how you answer almost all comments. Most bigger youtubers don't do that. I understand everyone is busy and that is totally cool but I think that is pretty cool that you do it.

  4. Great vid like always really dig all of them.!! I tell my clan to watch your channel also.!! I know it's not on subject with this video but I had a super close raid I did the was all one the last shot of 2 archers to take down the Town Hall. I thought of the vids you have done of "Will the TH Fall." I'm a lev 90 TH so it's lev 5 troops but still thought you might want to check it out. My clans SLAYER NATION #9LCJC009. If not still have awesome vids bro hope they go on for a long time.!!! Thank you.!!

  5. Galadon is DEFINITELY Peter17$. The way they talk in this video, e.g pauses between speech when mentioning units, and the frequent use of "and uh…" and the way he talks is too similar to Peter17$ in his video where he plays Geometry Dash.

  6. You breath ever time your done talking lol still love you doe

  7. Did you complete more than 3 sentences at all?

  8. In this vid u sounded a little bit like peter17$ lol

  9. Is peter17 dollars your son?

  10. Galadon, maybe ur first 2 attacks could have possibly got the second star if u have spread ur troops well. I enjoy ur clips by the way 🙂

  11. Btw u said lower level base its actually a max base besides walls

  12. Hi Galadon, I'm Drome Hold in COC from the clan "Crom's Army". Your videos had helped me tremendously, causing me to score my first consecutive 3 star victories in our last war. Using the Gowiwi attack twice, with only 200 spaces available, i literally walked through the bases like nothing. 2 (lvl1) golems, 10 (lvl5) wiz, 3 (lvl1) witches, 2 (lvl2) pekka, 1 barb and 1 arch both (lvl5) 1 jump spell (lvl1), 2 (lvl4) rage spells, 1 heal spell (lvl4). We lost the war by 1 point, but my attacks made the rest of my clan wake-up.
    We don't win many wars but we're trying hard, and because of your guidance, it's helping me to help the others. Keep up the great videos. U R DA MAN!

  13. Galadon I finally got my king to lvl 5 I know that is not that great but im.only a th7

  14. 2:54 that is proof enough for me that you are peter17$ 

  15. my llvl is 50..i wanna join ur clan (Full Attack) plzz dont depress me plz…….galadon..

  16. Anyone else swipe there screen while watching attacks thinking theyre actually playing the game?

  17. Lol, That was tight, haha

  18. must say, this is your best intro music by a country mile!

  19. 8:02  … lets just say this could be taken out of context reallllly badly lmao

  20. You always forget the barbs and the archers any nice attack and base 

  21. Looking for a clan that donates alot i have 700+ trophies lvl 24 thnx in advance

  22. Pause the video at 2:08. The king is hitting the wall to get to a storage, (and IS NOT being drawn by another hero or CC troop) instead of going for the Inferno tower that was very close and was not behind the wall, anyone else see this glitch?

  23. It's not Noah's ark if u don't use all the troops

  24. I've got a glitch for you 💩👹🌚🌠🌌🌋👻🎥📀📼💽🔫🔪🔨💉🚬

  25. Hey galadon if u pause it at 5:45 everybody got that base layout

  26. Hey Galadon, I hope to join Lost Phoenix,, but I keep on getting rejected. 🙁 I am a max th10 with 3605 trophies. I hope to join and help out. 

  27. Hi, Galadon I have recently created a new th7 strategy that is really cheap and works great I hope u keep making videos!! CLASH ON!!

  28. Hi Galladon, you should do an army of the dead(all witches) attack. Also youre my 2nd favorite youtuber after Chief Pat.

  29. LOL "we're in there and doing some damage" Very good galadon that's my boy 😎😎

  30. Inferno towers cancel out heal spells giant facepalm

  31. Yeah, you can really tell that you're not good with this composition.

    "Uh… Oh! Jump spell! And… How about rage! And heal! And that!"

  32. hi guys , join my active clan  "PROGRAMMERS" strong player, and regular war…..don't miss

  33. 2 of every troop? That's… A lot of Elixir and and Dark Elixir.

  34. Hi gallydon. I would like some advice on how to manage my channel. Hopefully this comment says my account name. I don't know how to get started. If you could make a video on how to do that I would be very thankful.

  35. you are not doing it right you need to put in all the troops in don't just end battle

  36. im so close to th 7 and ill start getting a king and dark elixir drill and storage this vid is inspiring me so much

  37. Your lightening spell placements were god awful! Placed it right on top of your troops! No wonder you couldn't get 50% the first two times, you were killing your troops!

  38. Galodon check out my clan
    Clan name: snow cone
    Clan tag:#22RV2QCC
    Profile: Edwin current lv 88 th 8 and improving
    Hope u check us out id appreciate and I enjoy watching your videos, I watch on my freetime lol.

  39. its so much destruction noahs ark is not so effective but try andtry again:)

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