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Clash of Clans – The Quest to #1 or to INSANITY – is it BROKEN?

Clash of Clans – The Quest to #1 or to INSANITY – is it BROKEN?
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Clash Of Clans Attacks continues the ‘Quest to #1’ in Clash of Clans – but is it a ‘crazy’ idea? Is top end trophy hunting broken right now?

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards,
Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the
ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back
the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan
reigns supreme over all others!


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  1. The last 15 or so videos are all TH11 GoWiWi attacks. Its getting repetitive and boring

  2. Farming is only good for DE farming, farming is not supposed to be easy and taking good mines and pumps, they did the right, everyone is just mad because they can't easy loot

  3. my highest was 24 hours no base.

  4. I m happy that you suffer ????

  5. are you going to try out a new game

  6. A few days ago i saw a forum post that had some solid evidence of why titans/legends cant find many bases anymore. It said that in the last update supercell changed the inactive base system. Now if you dont go online for 4-5 days then youll be taken out of the search pool. I think legends who are top 100 are probably exploiting this flaw and thus cannot be attacked by ANYONE.

  7. What did you expect from the new system? There are only 3 things that could hold you back from climbing above all others: Patience, money and skill. Supercell has never cared much about skill in trophy pushing, because this will reduce the amount of potential players that gem a lot. The th11 release has shifted the balance from patience more to money gemming all that stuff plus de for witches. Now after all the th10s have been thrown out of the top leagues and all are equal again, it has shifted more to patience.

    There is one fix, that would get rid of clouds forever:
    No widening of the search window any more. If there is nobody unshielded in a range of 200 trophies up and down, they simply connect 2 players that can raid each other. The player with more stars (or percentage if equal amount of stars) will get the trophies from the other player. Except for the need of a maxed base, this will a pure skill based game with the best players on top. It is up to Supercell if they want it or not.

  8. Do more clash royale until supercell release an update on clash that fixes all the issues that players hate….

  9. You should have attacking through your shield disabled for Titan and legend league. We need it for the lower leagues though or else farming truely will be dead

  10. superfuckingcell, im at titan 1, 4800+ and i was 7 hrs in clouds today, and at once my base went to PB i got whaled. This is the begining of the end for superfuckingcell, that is something when a clashnerd like me admits it.

  11. The village guard is the main problem. Longer guard time should be for lower league and shorter for higher league that's common sense.

  12. hahahaah coc sucker you galidon now why cry about game ? last update you was one of noob who tell that is good that is perfect you $ gemmer ! you are 1% from coc players ! WE ARE 99 ^% of coc players who want 90 % more farming base !

  13. leader from my clan is just going for 4 trophies he get that in 10 min and hos army is in 1,30h ready that go's faster then SEARCH 18 HOURS FOR 18 TROPHIES and thats just insane why whould you do this with your life ? (I know my english suck no comments )

  14. do for 1mil subs a draw my life !!

  15. Galdon You have been to finland to visit Supercell office no.Then why did in previous episode did you tell that your voice didn't count in supercell.Its you who have contact with the supercell team.Why did you lie You are Supercell are alike Just talk fake And never read comments and never reply to it .And just fram at twn hall 9 you will see how this game sucks

  16. In this video there is a glitch watch at 3:22 into the video watch the group of witches

  17. Things are fine at th7 for me

  18. Yes, Galadon, I've e-mailed SC again (the first time they advised me to change my schedule).  I'm hoping that someone will listen this time as I'm pretty sick of the hours in the clouds already plus Wall Street, London, HK, Singapore and Tokyo were loathe to change their opening/closing bells because of my obsession with a game!  You speak to SC, are they really that contemptuous of us all – they break the game but it must be our schedules at fault?  Yep, staggering, even if I could, I don't think I'd have the audacity to say that to a client.

  19. IMO players that are not in the legend league should not have a village guard.

  20. I wish supercell just made the game back to the way it was.

  21. I'm a TH10 at 4600~ and I'm certain I could beat that base with lv28 queen and lv21 king

  22. Who is the guy talking with a weird accent at the end of all your videos?

  23. I know a guy who went 26 hours without a base (he was on a 24 hour shield) longest ive gone post update was 5 hours.. it's been brutal.. the reset seemed to help a little bit though

  24. wait you work and do daily youtube vids?

  25. This channel has gained 600k subs since I started watching great job galadon!


  27. hey Galadon, for those of you that are maxed out and don't really need loot/bonus are you all regularly revenge attacking when you can? No bonus loot but you get trophies without staring at clouds

  28. th8 is broken too I am being none stopped attacked by th9's the occasional th8 defence win or Los btw I think a new spell will be coming out.

  29. Dude supercell missed up the game! Farming – broken. Pushing- was broken still broken war- still same. supercell getting money- hell yes, that's the only think they care about! They just see if they are getting money if they are that means that in their mind they are doing good

  30. how are they 16 hours searching when you get kick out every 4 hours do they sandbox to not get kick out or something

  31. I love the intro and the songä

  32. clash of gems is broken gj super cell

  33. hitting legends league now with this update isn't as much of an achievement is it. there's thousands of legends now compared to the couple of hundred there were prior to the update.

  34. The first attack was in a language other than English.

  35. cant believe ppl play clash for a long time

  36. Where do u work matey.

  37. what's up, yo?! fantastic viheo. file languid what's happening, gu}s. !

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