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Clash of Clans | The Heroic Barbarian King – True Tales of Clash Achievery

Clash of Clans | The Heroic Barbarian King – True Tales of Clash Achievery
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Clash of Clans Achievery! The Heroic Barbarian King is a True Tale in Clash of Clans. The Heroic King achieved victory in the Titan league against the odds! Left single handed at the end of the raid, with no Archer Queen to back him up; the Barbarian King took it upon himself to ensure victory was gained. This epic raid even provided promotion to Titan 2. This true tale provides a strong message Clashers – never give up! Footage was from my Titan League trophy push shortly after the new leagues were released – blue walls! This was an epic true tale of Clash Achievery! Subscribe for more Clash of Clans and please share your comments below!


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