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Clash of Clans – ‘The END’ Episode and Farming Town Hall 9s!

Clash of Clans – ‘The END’ Episode and Farming Town Hall 9s!
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Clash Of Clans Attacks presents the END of 2015 – but not farming! Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9 farming going strong in Clash of Clans!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards,
Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the
ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back
the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan
reigns supreme over all others!



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  1. i just play this with my kids to help out their clan, I have always played games (go back to the first atari system). Never have i seen an update like this that altered the game so dramatically. I believe in a year or so when the smoke clears and history looks back on this it just may go down as the all time blunder in gaming history. I would love to know
    how much money they lost and will lose by this. It blows my mind !

  2. Man, he sure sounds like he's payed to say some of that crap

  3. Thank you galadon. seriously:). i have enjoyed 2 years of playing a game. I never ever played any game for more than.2 weeks .except for clash of clans. The thanks is for youtube attacks episodes they helped me a lot in improving my attacks..making each and everyone a perfect attack. I tried mailing supercell a lot and lot of times about update..and they kept giving diplomatic replies. And i think its time i realised…that I'm not the one who can tell what to do of game its supercell its their wish their choice. Whether i like it or not… its my. Anyways sorry for being carried away…just commented to thank u galadon 🙂 bye 

  4. fuq supercell,they stole the best bases of ours

  5. wow so many dislikes… i will give a like

  6. Dont like the update , if i quit the game i will quit with all coc videos…… Its sad that was a great game

  7. Galadon, your comment on giant heavy armies being slower to train is incorrect. It's true giants take 2 mi uses to train, but fill up 5 housing spaces, so it 24 seconds/housing. Very similar to barbarians and archers, at 20 and 25 seconds/housing, so giants are very efficient for quick farming armies.

  8. Gallydon, thats the strategy i use as a new town hall 9 since my spell factory is upgrading. i drop my little level 2 queen behind for support :-)

  9. we hate the anti farming update. we hoped you would help us convince SC to partially amend this update. it sounds like your advice is to simply have us quit instead?!?

  10. What's said galadon is wrong,honestly u think after years of playing I would just quit!thats crazy and u should not take sides and listen to the people as because ur one of us and not supercell.i don't like clash right now because of all the profitable changes they made and would very much like them to say sorry atleast for making this game the way it is now.my clan is so inactive because eveyone gets wrecked the miniute they loose a shield and are so unhappy.please galadon don't take sides and say things how they are?

  11. I think to give some perspective for CoC farmers the issue requires a statistics analysis to provide a thorough outline of facts from actual gameplay figures about farming pre- and post- TH11 update. I personally feel I'm making a lot less farming nett gain post TH11 update but that's just a qualitative assessment. I don't have the time or skillset to quantify it. As someone who's been playing for 2.5 years and who will never spend real money on gems it is extremely difficult and tedious upgrading bases. Farming is the only option with the time I can realistically assign out of my life to playing this game. I'm not a trophy or war clasher. I enjoy the defensive side to the game as I enjoy evolving my base to fend off stronger armies.

    One consideration that comes to mind that I think would be a useful piece of info is to compare actual costs, i.e. the cost of new farming army/spell attack assemblages that would provide the same loot gained by old farming army/spell attack assemblages pre TH11 update. This taken into account with the associated loot bonuses and training time in each "era" should give us a good comparison between the two.

    My farming strategy took advantage of dead bases and it has helped a lot in getting me to my current level (nearly max'd TH9) after 2.5 years, but it is almost irrelevant now after the update. Bear in mind that I have never and will never spend a cent on gems (it goes against my principles for gaming, so I rarely boost my barracks, spell factories and heroes)… I have to evolve my farming strategy for sure but I feel like those Superqueens, Gibarches etc. with various spell combinations take more time to train than before and also cost more than previous combinations (with respect to attaining the same levels of loot gained). At the moment CoC for me is being relegated to a 2nd or 3rd priority part-time single-player campaign game.

  12. YES well done lets tell people who are suffering to stop complaining about how much the update has affected them…. great idea… because we don't matter …. idiot

  13. Youre such a loser. you dont understand cuz you used gems. i played coc for 3 years and this update just made all that time wasted.

  14. I can find loot… In maxed th10 storages.(recently upgraded to th10)

  15. You guys we will find a new way after the update i started earning tons of money before not so much. You guys just have to find a way around it. You-tubers will start showing you base designs for the new update. Clash On!!!

  16. Galas on although i respect you but you don't know the meaning of farming you have thousand of gems you could max out your tirades straight away and finish upgrading something straight away. But we we don't have gems or money to buy gems with we cant just max out something straight away. We need farming we need dead bases with out it i would probably still be Th 7. It's not easy step in our shoes for once galadon.

  17. Galadon, thanks for all the videos over the years, but I cannot watch you any more if that is your view, so I will unsubscribe, thanks and good new year

  18. You forgot to mention your Peter 17$ account

  19. The one thousand people who disliked just can't handle the truth…

  20. This is a big sellout video. For you to say that if people don't like the update they should quit the game? What about all the people that have been loyal to the game for years, logging on everyday and actually farming instead of gemming everything to max? Supercell made the game FOR US! So we should have a right to voice what we feel needs to be changed. I personally have had no problems with the update. What i find annoying is the fact they ignore so many things that people want inside of the game e.g. showing us they are tackling modders. Instead of promoting their new mini game, as a representative of the community it should be your job to tell them about the issues in THIS GAME when you're given the privilege of going to Finland.

  21. try using some heal spells on your giants and barbs its much more effective than rage

  22. supercell please don't let this awesome game die an ugly death!

  23. I agree galadon but for the guys that don't get free gems and don't have thousands of gems like a lot of the maxed out players have a harder time playing. Farming was the way for us to save exlir gold DE. That's why a lot of people hate the update. There some good areas they updated but for me as a new th10 it's very hard to save up my resources i don't have thousands of gems saved up to gem every thing.

  24. the real problem is in th10

  25. dark elixir is way easier to get than gold and elixir

  26. Clash is fucking trash now

  27. Galadon you have to see from a lower th base because some cant push too high or we get target by th9 and 10 lossing 2k dark e as ch raid which I cant upgrade my king fast enough

  28. The only way there going to get there players back is to make loot better plain and simple I've played since the beginning I'm disappointed

  29. nope, I don't like clash after update and yes, this is the end for me..good bye everyone!!

  30. As a TH10 who has completely hated what SC did to very active farmers – a few clansmen got me hooked into power raids.. Using max GoWipe for 1st time w/ all max spells.. Grabbed 1.4 mil resources at M3 the other day. I think the fix to recover from update might be to push trophies. Odd coming from a 2014 100% farmer. Near max th-10.

  31. funny part of this is that if clash die then gallydon will die too, so you guys should stop supporting the "fun part of clash" and start worring about what we say…

  32. Galadon. Don't ever tell anyone to quit this game because of super cells mistake. You are down here sucking supercells dick making this video. If we quit clash we quit watching you. Do you see how this will affect your channel? Quit taking supercells side and wake up. This will destroy your channel. And everyone if Galadon says quit the game because supercell messed it up. I say Unsubscribe Galadon for supporting supercell on this.

  33. Galadons a joke check out Beakers Lab he is a real farmer and posts better content then this garbage.

  34. Shut up cunt, just because you're sponsored by supercell and get tons of gems for free doesn't mean we have to suffer because we can't afford it.

  35. I'm sorry to say this Galadon that's a bit harsh to your viewers that made this channel what it is. Just imagine that all players were to stop playing this game where would your channel be? Who is going to watch and subscribe then? But very hurtful words Galadon I'm a th11 still going to play the game but we were all lower once and the dead bases is what I used to get to where I am. Very easy to say what your saying with gemmed maxed out base but not everyone has that luxury. Very disappointed Galadon just lost a subscriber today of your harsh and inconsiderate words and I will tell all about what to do with your channel thank you for all the videos during the years good bye!!!!!

  36. Galadon even chief patt is complaining about this update we can't move on if loot is hard to find and upgrades are impossible to get because always on defense.

  37. I like your videos but u suck SC dick



  39. Buckeyegal and Galadon, there is such a huge elixir surplus at th8. Why aren't u using armies like Mass Dragons to farm? And why would you go for the dark elixir when you already have a maxed kings?

  40. U can't call this farming? u shouldn't have to farm with 4 quakes

  41. i have to use gowipe/lavaloon to farm !!!!!! Is this what farming is suppose to be ! Damn I miss when we could use barbarians /archers to farm ! Supercell get ur shi* together and make this game fun again.. Stop being greedy ( cause we all know u want everyone to spend money on gems) cause that's litterly the only way to progress quickly , and listen to what everyone has to say !!!!

  42. Lol you are right. Which is why I'm unsubbing from you as well. You can't honestly hold super cell up and say this game is still great with how horrible this is.

  43. How many gems did LameCell give you to do this video???

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