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Clash of Clans – The BULLY Story – and Town Hall 11 attacking Town Hall 10!

Clash of Clans – The BULLY Story – and Town Hall 11 attacking Town Hall 10!
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Clash Of Clans Attacks presents ‘BULLY’ – the bully story and Clash of Clans attack strategy – Town Hall 11 bullying Town Hall 10 in Clash of Clans!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards,
Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the
ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back
the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan
reigns supreme over all others!



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  1. I know Gally doesn't support violence, but if someone tries to hurt you, you have every right to kick their ass.

  2. A guy tried to bully me but he didn't realise I am black belt mma so I just tornado kicked him lol i got excluded even though he was trying to bully I even ignored it for a few weeks seriously

  3. Honestly, I reckon th8 was the worst for me…. th9's 70% 2 starring me, nothing else, always taking de.

  4. I had to subscribe because of your story. Sorry that happened to you Galadon

  5. everyone in lost phoenix gems galafuck

  6. cristen was never gone like you anyways galaoldfuck

  7. you don't lose wars because you gem everything, don't pretend that you are good at this game

  8. Very good concept of bullying. Please do more videos

  9. I almost feel bad for Craig… but I don't because he was being an ass.

  10. Hey Galadon, nice story it really relates to me cause I get bullied, and my favorite part of the day is when you upload a video and just wanted to say your videos bring a smile.

  11. Lol if I were you I would punch him in the face

  12. So many th9s attacking my new th8 base. I just became a th8 and I'm getting mass lvl 4 drags and lvl 15 kings slaying me

  13. Cool guy. we love u too bro, and your stories.

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