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Clash Of Clans – THE BEST SPELLS IN THE GAME!! Sept. 2015 (8 Bit Countdown)

Clash Of Clans – THE BEST SPELLS IN THE GAME!! Sept. 2015 (8 Bit Countdown)
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Clash of clans TOP 5 Spells September 2015
This is my best spells in the game for lower and higher level gameplay.


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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!


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  1. 5.Haste

  2. Ive stopped play clash of clans for a while , but then i started watching you AGAIN(sorry) , all i thought was YEAHHHHHHH

  3. godson ur the best coc youtuber, my list goes like this : 5) heal 4) earthquake 3) jump 2) freeze 1) rage

  4. when will coc add in new dark elixir troop and spell??

  5. do you just play these video games and then put the music in your videos or just look up the music?

  6. 1 heal
    2 rage
    3 jump
    4 quake
    5 lightning

  7. even though i'm still th 6 i like the spells. before you ask why i'm still six i got my tab taken away by my mom. i'm 13 by the way

  8. How does the boost become orange

  9. My top 5 are 1.rage 2. Earthquake 3.earthquake 4.heal 5.freeze

  10. My List:

  11. I prefer hast than poison but ether with others

  12. 1. Lightning
    2. Haste
    3. Earthquake
    4. Heal
    5. Jump

  13. the inferno tower stops any healing

  14. lightning are op (ironie off)

  15. 5. Freeze
    I'm a TH10 level 128 player, I'm in master 3 for farming. I think heal spell are lot more important than the other spell, It's so good for farming, even for TH10. And in clan war or pushing I always belt 6 golem, it doesn't really needs any freeze.

  16. what is the jump spell music

  17. What I'm confused about is: Why don't you do Nintendo Gameplay even though you use music from Nintendo? A lot of people would like for you to do Nintendo gameplay? Give this comment a 👍 if you agree

  18. #5 earthquake spell
    #4 heal spell
    #3poisin spell
    #2 freeze spell
    #1 rage spell

  19. 5 jump
    4 healing
    3 earthquake
    2 poison
    1 haste/ràge
    it's my favorite

  20. Fail. Heal spells don't work on troops being hit by the inferno towers. Time to give up godson

  21. Hey godson can you answer me please?

  22. Never chatted with a youtuber..

  23. i dont agree i think it should be like this
    5)freeze spell
    4)heal spell
    3)rage spell
    2)poison spell
    1)jump spell

  24. 1 rage 2 heal 3 poison 4 jump 5 Freeze

  25. Heals are over powered use them

  26. 5.lightning

  27. how do u record your screen godson I really want to record coc but carnt find anything 🙁

  28. Lol yeah lighting is now Dead, because you can't just Zap your Dark Elixir!xD

  29. 5 earth
    4 freeze
    3 poison
    2 heal
    1 lightting

  30. 5. Jump spell

    4. Heal spell

    3. Poison spell

    2. Freeze spell

    1. Rage spell

  31. 5. rage
    4. rage
    3. rage
    2. rage
    1. rage

  32. Love that hardcore music! (+1 to you if you get the reference!)

  33. 5. Poison
    4. Freeze
    3. Rage
    2. Jump
    1. Heal

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