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Clash Of Clans – TH8 Zero to Champs Pushing (Crystal 2!)

Clash Of Clans – TH8 Zero to Champs Pushing (Crystal 2!)
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Welcome to the next ep. of Pushing to champs with TH8. Finally we’ve made it to Crystal 2!

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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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Check this out chief!

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  1. How bout a healer queen where her special ability is to send out a bout two healers and only goes on for like ten seconds

  2. show more defense replays godson

  3. What screen recorder he's using?

  4. 'Since there is 26 cups available i might get 7 if i'm lucky'… lol, math on point

  5. i have not been attacked in 5days

  6. You should use golem wizard and peka, gowip got me to masters so far 

  7. 26/3= 8.3…
    So godson…how exactly is 1/3 of 26, 7? 

  8. You got 2 star raided in your main account

  9. I think a nuclear spell would be sweet, a spell that just blows any buildings in its radius from the ground up, who else thinks this is a good idea?

  10. On godson1 are you going to sell it

  11. I Kent the base on godson1

  12. I Kent that base the one where you did the updates

  13. Godson dont use only bam and attack with golems, dragons, giants, what ever you want but no bam, we have seen a lot!!!!

  14. Thanks to you, I've been trying to push to masters. YEEEEEAAAHHHH!

  15. Your voice is funny but good

  16. Th 8 pussy?!? Am I dreaming?

  17. Just use straight barch…. Im th7 almost champs…. I c a th9 and I get 50%

  18. u seem to not enjoy making videos at all you are only putting text and other bullshi.ts on the screen…

  19. can make like a base u using right now but make it th9 … tq…

  20. Godson, you should try to loonian in an episode please =)

  21. stop fucking baming you piece of shit make it good, tough to use bam eh, trophy hunting eh, stop using that crap then logic

  22. Is your clan recruiting? :)

  23. try balloonion for one episode since it is getting harder to get trophys with BAM.

  24. Turn on the Closed Captions and its so funny!

  25. lol that first guy copied my base design that i posted on the supercell forums

  26. The pushing army I used to get to champs as a th 8 was 2 barracks full of giants and the other 2 full of archers. It works insanely good. Just use the giants to tank for mortars and use archers to clean up behind. I still use that over barch because it trains faster and so much stronger

  27. I'm in crystal 2 as a th8 too!

  28. Use balloonian it's fun and it's easy to get the 2 star!

  29. God son I don't know if u will see this but go to a clan called ion clash 6.0 and look at my th8 trophie base my name is chief_troll I was in gold one last night and I'm already in crystail 1 about to hit 2500 I u do see this just send. Me a message back thx 

  30. my th8 record is 2800….i used VAWI if that helps….

  31. B.A.M and B.A.G strategies are my favorite 

  32. Serious hybrid clan?Looking for th7 above?
    No hoppers?only loyal members?official YT clan?#YJVRLJ2C

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