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Clash of Clans | TH8 GoHo & GoVaHo 3 Star Attacks – Enraged Eight War Recap

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Clash of Clans Attacks! TH8 3 Star Attacks from Enraged Eight War Recap in Clash of Clans. The GoHo and GoVaHo Attack Strategies are demonstrated as we aim to lock down victory as a high level town hall 8 clan. 3 Star Attacks are always the aim! Can we win this level 9 vs level 9 clan battle? Gameplay features some of the higher ranked attacks and commentary will as ever try to provide tips throughout the video. Enraged Eight are a FairPlay TH8 War Clan. Requirements are Level 4 Hog Riders and 300+ War Stars. If you want to try out at Enraged Eight the Clan Tag is #8UOL2L. Good luck and I hope you enjoy todays attacks. Stay tuned for another war recap with Enraged Eight coming soon!

Featured 3 Star Attacks Timestamps!
0:44 Judo Sloth vs 5 – GoVaHo
2:58 Empulionzcreed vs 7 – GoHo with Pekka
4:48 Marvel vs 7 – GoHo
6:52 ZRoyal vs 6 – GoHo
8:37 KUDO-00! vs 11 – GoHo
10:10 MaDz vs 12 – GoHo


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