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Clash of Clans TH8 Attack Strategy – CoC Trophy Push Series #2 – LIVE BATTLES!

Clash of Clans TH8 Attack Strategy – CoC Trophy Push Series #2 – LIVE BATTLES!
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Clash of Clans TH8 Trophy Push Series Episode 2 showcases viewer recommended attack strategies in a special CoC Livestream! The first TH8 trophy push episode featured GiBarch and we had a number of recommendations for the second episode which we bring to you live! These include Hog Rider, Dragons, Valkyries, Balloons, Minions, Giants and Wizards as well as the powerful Barbarian King! Tips and tricks are provided through the stream to help you with your Clash of Clans gameplay. This video is recorded as a livestream and took place in July 2017. Feel free to share your trophy pushing advice for Town Hall 8, we are aiming for Champions League but have you reached Titan or even Legend League? Make sure to comment which army you want me to battle with, farming or war style attacks and I’ll use as many as possible aiming for the 3 star but with trophy pushing 2 star is the ultimate goal. Enjoy and Clash On!

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  1. GoVape (2 Golems, 1 Pekka, 3-5 valks, about 6 wallbreakers and rest wiz).

  2. Lol with the mass hogs attack you need like 8 wiz for the cc kill and cleanup that's why you didn't 3

  3. Govape , with a couple of wizards for funell, it's a th8 legend push attack stratt

  4. try to show hghb attack on th8 its awsm🤘🤘🤘

  5. 1 golem 1 hog rider 14 valks 12 wiz 2 bombers and one archer 2 heal 1 rage reinforcement peaka haste. have fun

  6. 1 golem, 2 pekkas, 3 valks, 6 minions, 9 archers, 4 barbs, 3 ballons, 4 wall breakers
    spells:2 heal, 1 rage, 1 poison
    no cc troops needed, i made it to titans with this attack

  7. Judo new subscriber turned on notifications and waiting for you next video 😀
    Strategy to use – 6 golems 20 hogs , 4 healers (for king walk) and spells: Rage x2 , Healing spell and poison
    if u want cc put everything u want

  8. u are the nice player of coc

  9. Thanks for using my attack strategy suggestion great video bro !

  10. 2 golem ,3 pekka, 15 wiz, 2 wallbreker , and 1 archery 2 healing spell , and 1 rage spell and clan castle pekka we can hit three star and ton of loots this is my strategy plz try this troopppppppp

  11. How should attack with loons and minion of level 5 and 3 on max th8

  12. The hogs cost very much dark elixir for a townhall 8

  13. Hi I am a Clasher and a indian
    I am th 8.5 I need 3 star base strategy I like the golem one in this video pls reply to my comment 😎

  14. I want to attack with very quickly training army and less dark elixirs using

  15. Use govaho its a super op attack can easily three star any th8 and even two star a th9

    Use golems on top bottom or either sides and then make a funnel to send ur troops through the middle of the base… have cc troops maybe maxed and then rge them at the th it will easily tear it up… make sure that your funnl sends the valks in… for spells you need 1 rage 1 poison and 3 quakes 1 in cc… troops. 2 golems about 10 or 11 wizards and the rest valks. Bring cc valks maxed possibly qlong with whatever other troop u want it works i mad it to titans 3

  16. Make sure to suggest an attack strategy for a chance to be featured!!

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