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Clash of Clans | TH 9 VS STRONG TH 10 IN CLAN WARS | Avenging a Fallen Clan Member

Clash of Clans | TH 9 VS STRONG TH 10 IN CLAN WARS | Avenging a Fallen Clan Member
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Clash of Clans! My TH 9 clan member decided to attack a maxed TH 10 in Clan Wars.. Time to avenge him! #aerosucksatattacking

My attack against a maxed TH 10 in clan wars:

Golem Killer Base:

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Check this out chief!



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  1. Use my code for cash for apps

  2. Cam I watch all your videos and you should kick him lol I know I would of

  3. I'm a th8 how do I join ur clan?

  4. Hi Cam, i really want to join your clan but I can't find it…can you open it or something please!? I am lvl. 60 and th lvl.8. I hope you will se this. My name on COC is Tin. Bye


  6. Buh bye aero you stupid ass

  7. Hey Cam! As u see I am a fellow you tuber. I want to know what app u use to record your videos so I can play clash of clans with the world?

  8. See when i was in the clan 5 months ago and i did this as a th 8 I WASN'T FEATURED ON YOUTUBE! LOL


  9. Let's do the math. 9 attacks by 3 stars each would be 27 stars. We know and can see from the video that one of those attacks was for 0 stars. So the max possible is 24 stars yet the score is 26 to 0.

  10. I gotta admit. Once as a th8 I attacked the top player. With barch XD everyone was like: whyyy?!

  11. Wait, if Aero failed his attack, how was it 26 stars when they attacked 9 times? Getting 9 3 stars will result in a 27 star. That means that for Cam's clan to have 26 stars with 9 attacks, they needed 8 3 star attacks and 1 2 star attack but that was impossible because Aero's attack resulted in a no star. I'm probably missing something very dumb but I'm super confused :/

  12. Join my clan it is silverfin

  13. What is the point of Lava Hound? Sorry if i spelled tht wrong. I mean what does it attack?

  14. We're going against yall. Loyalty 24/8 😍😍😍😍

  15. Why did you take off the dying lights video?!

  16. Hey cam! use more loons and less minions, most people use 10-15 minions instead of 25 🙂

  17. Why do you attack in war with random cc troops? Ur practically asking to fail

  18. Cam, I can't find your second chanel. Anything happened?

  19. Are talk with cam and ask if I can join I am th 8 and level 76 almost as good a cams second account

  20. How do you record screen without computer or jail brake

  21. Base 1 got zero stars…9 attacks and 26 stars…THE NUMBERS DONT ADD UP!

  22. R.I.P Aero 😢😢😢😢

  23. 9 attacks for 26 with a no star is impossible

  24. Nice cam i want to join your.clan

  25. damn cam ur queen did some Albert Einstein shit

  26. COC is a complex game? It's child's play compared to games like AOE or Command and Conquer, or even Civilization!

  27. :p since you wasted a video for dumb shit i'm going to make 60 accounts and spam the dislike button on all your videos :p

  28. this doesnt happen to me but like anyone else notice it shows his amount of gems on the side when he attacks

  29. AERO u suck at attacking next time listen to cam

  30. ONE HUNDRED % Gems trades which I received. May aid others right here! plus.google.com/112793805960125128049/posts/1fTiKeQx8bB

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