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Clash of Clans | RAGE QUIT | Attack Fail..

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Cam sucks at Clash of Clans. Attack fail to fakey fakey rage quit.


Check this out chief!

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  1. Astigin in Filipino means thuggish

  2. Change the C to an S and it will be my song lol


  4. how did you make that last part cam?

  5. Those guys are from the philippines

  6. the inferos killed your golems lol

  7. cam, seriously gowipe?? lol

  8. camaro iam members of astigin 3 you can't peak tagalog…!

  9. dude that song rocks man put that on no.1 song of the world

  10. Can can I get it at itunes

  11. i know what you have in the camps right now ….lavaloonin and 3 baby Drag…hmmmmmmmm

  12. need strong member for clan. YOUTUBEPERKS. JOIN


  14. cam: my base has not been 2 stared yet
    me:so other times you were 3 stared!

  15. Filipinos are good in clash of clans

  16. Pls subscribe to my channel, "hellopopcorn"

  17. cam i pray to god that u ll get the dimond play button soon

  18. The balloons took out the golems

  19. You don't suck white lighting sucks

  20. people in other clan war can just see your defences

  21. pleas pleas leat me in your klan may name is dyako in clash of clans im th7 pleas let me in

  22. I really love your channel cause you used to do clash now you do clash r then you do pokemon I LOVE YOUR CHANELL

  23. Cam i know this is 1 year ago but i hope ur seeing this i know u have bad luck but me neither i attacked someone i checked clan castle and only 4 arc and 1 gob apearred so i killed them then i put down 4 giants and then suddecnly a giant and wiz popped up and then i wanted to put down my archers but i forgot to click the archers face first so then i dropped 3 giants and then i got 45% 0 star like wtf

  24. You even made a music for cam sucks at attacking lol

  25. Google subtitles to the can sucks at attacking song:kannas at jackie can sucks at jackie suck at.yeah hunds up jack and cans oh Jackie thinks 10/10

  26. Cam plz don't swear I'm knew to this channel and I'm not used to people swearing(:

  27. I m watching this in November 2016???

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