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Clash of Clans | QUEEN WANTS THE D | Epic Dark Elixir Farming Strategy

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Clash of Clans epic dark elixir farming strategy. Archer queen and healers like dark elixir.

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  1. do a town hall 11 with all level 1 troops, walls, and defenses

  2. ive watched dis vid so many times beacause of intro????

  3. when you said deal tho my sister thugth you said dildo

  4. cam i have a much easier way….. drop down to silver two and snipe dark elixir drills (when they are full) with barch guaranteed 700 dark per raid but much less time p.s. i have gotten up to 3000 dark per raid

  5. Great! Hey there, window dress #

  6. Can you tell me a few att. Strategy to get gold and dark in less than 8 days . I am a maxed out th7 and upgrading to th8

  7. the first one was easy why waste 10 healers

  8. Stop stop saying so many bad words dick

  9. I'm gunna wool your ass girl no I'll wool your!ass bitch

  10. Lol the queen got the d, did you do that on purpose?

  11. Ok,so we go check the war,we have 3 townhall 9,they have 5 townhall 9,Shit(that what he about to said)

  12. cam … healer on Hog Riders are pretty good. i only have level 1 hog and level 2 healers (using 2 healers on group of 10 hogs; total 20hogs 4healers) .. pretty good against maxed TH7. just make sure to avoid the Giant Bombs.

    but once hogs upgraded to lvl2 .. then pretty safe to go against any TH7 (even lower level TH8 with GiantBombs also on level 2)

  13. For th7 dark elixir farming use 15 Giants 3 Wizards And remaining Barch.Use giants to distract and barch to funnel [ use lil barbs and arch to take out buildings in the sourrounding ] use wizards after funneling so the wizards directly make it to the dark elxir storage,and if its possible use a lil troops to take drak elxir from the collectors.And use your king to take out the town hall

  14. 4:25 so the queen is going to the left so its not a big dildo??

  15. Town hall 5s would be like: stupid 80,000 elixer is a lot how is that cheap

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