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Clash of Clans – OFFICIAL Update Thoughts!

Clash of Clans – OFFICIAL Update Thoughts!
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Here’s my official thoughts on the new Town Hall 11 update in Clash of Clans. It’s definitely a long one with a lot that I had to cover – what do you guys think? Agree/disagree? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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  1. As a person that is restricted to playing off and on every day I relied heavily upon collector raids via BARCH and that is now dead. I no longer see dead bases and it is very frustrating to me. I have not been a town hall sniper I never liked that because I am not a trophy pusher. I cannot seem to save enough gold, elixir, or DE to do upgrades on my town hall 8 or 9. I have 3 active accounts town halls (7,8,9). The personal break bug was annoying and seems to have been fixed thankfully. So far no buenos for this update if I get to put in my 2 cents.
    Respectfully asking you to pass on the fact that town hall sniping is not the same as farming. Being forced to create armies that cost more elixir than the average raid will return is at best absurd and makes me want to bang my head against a wall.
    I hope that this is not falling on deaf ears it saddens me to watch clan mates leave the game but is unfortunately happening.

  2. I'm gettin' bored in this game anyway . Such a waste of time finding a good loot . Update sucks

  3. fix the xmodders this should be priority no 1!!!!!!!

  4. I know why koopa left this game.Because of this shitty update

  5. The problem I have with this update is that Supercell is trying to make the game right… Games aren't supposed to be "right". I was having fun the way it was and the problem that I have is that this update doesn't make it "fun", just makes it "right".

  6. Farming is very difficult now with the dead bases gone.

  7. Soooooo what about balancing TH10? O.o

  8. @ Chief PatI've only been subscribed to you for a short time…mostly because of the TH11 update sneak peaks, but I've went back and watched several of your videos.  I am not here to flame you.  I actually think that your opinion on all of this chaos is fairly accurate and I do not think you are trying to "cover" for SC.I wanted to share some of my own thoughts and experiences with you here because I no longer believe the forums to be an effective medium.  I have seen first-hand that the Forum Moderators are "censoring" certain posts…even well thought-out and non-inflammatory posts.  I posted a few posts that I felt were non-inflammatory and well thought-out.  They were almost immediately deleted or merged into a massive sea of 400-500+ page "sticky" threads.  No one, and I mean no one is going to sift through 400-500 pages of garbage to find anything meaningful which totally discounts everything I tried to share.My thoughts:Balancing:  As a TH10 I completely agree with your assessment.  TH10 is broken.  It is a never-ending sea of 2 Star attacks, but I cannot bring myself to push to TH11 before all of these new imbalances are corrected.  TH9 has been completely wrecked in every possible way.  1.  Upgrading – With the new loot offerings, TH9s are losing an insanely large amount of loot.  Unless you have the ability to sit and attack for a minimum of a couple of hours per day, it is incredibly difficult to net any substantial gains toward upgrades.  I have a TH9 Alt that I am considering giving up due to the fact that, with the current system, it is going to be an extremely painful grind to get anywhere.  2.  Wars – Your statements in the video were spot-on.  TH9 War balancing has been unnecessarily wrecked.  It was feasible to 3 Star a fellow TH9 if you planned a solid attack and executed it properly.  I am seeing sub-par and poorly executed attacks ending up as 3 Stars because of the increased time.  If they wanted the new TH9 to turn into the "LOLOLOLOL FACEROLL for 3" that TH8 was prior to the update, they have succeeded.  3.  Casual Play – First let's define casual play:  I see it as anything less than playing for multiple consecutive hours.  As an adult with a family and a career, I do not have the time to devote multiple consecutive hours of play on a regular basis, which is what I believe it would take for me to progress through TH9.  I have found the game much less enjoyable and impossible to progress under TH10 levels.  PBT – I object to the entire implementation of this system.  The entire idea of limiting the use of a product is insane to me.  In your video you talked about this needing to be done to combat Mod users and Botters.  Are there not other means of dealing with these cheaters than affecting the entire player base?  In my humble opinion, I feel that there was very little thought given to possible solutions other than the PBT system.  I was affected in the ways you discussed in your video.  I woke up from 8 hours of sleep, hopped on to collect my goodies, and I was on a PBT.  I have encountered similar situations since the supposed fix so it has not been completely resolved.  I can live with and even adapt with most of the changes in the Update.  However, unless the above areas are not seriously fixed, I will most likely move on from CoC and find another game to play.Keep posting…I'll be watching!

  9. I'm glad to see that Chief Pat listens to us. I've been playing for 2 years and had thoroughly enjoyed the game. This update simply ruined the game for me. I am a casual player who will invest my time into the game according to my life schedule. Simply, Chief Pat, I feel supercell made the game hard to play for a casual TH 9 as you said. I don't want to play a game that requires large time investments. I don't play clash because I want to make "Titan" or be the "best clasher". I play it for fun and as a convinient way to pass time. Farming allowed me to take advantage of all clash had to offer. I actually think that the update, as you said, worked well for Th 8 and below. The problem is that loot upgrades are a lot cheaper at those levels than at Th 9 and 10. I think that the problem of the update is not the shields or anything like that. Supercell simply destroyed the balance of the game for any player who plays as I do. Living my life while enjoying the benefits of clash. Thank you Chief for addressing our concerns. PLEASE pass this to supercell if possible. So many of my freinds are having the same problem as me. Waning to play the game but not wanting to invest our lives into it. Thank you and happy clashing!

  10. вenѕтer waѕ on мy gloвal cнaт

  11. Loot is too hard to get now and everything is to hard now.  Its the game not fun any more. They should also do something about players that leave your clan and ask for troops you should be able to attack them and take their loot for being a hopper.  Shields are not good either.  Need to fix that.  Farming is done.  Pekkas should be able to be upgraded in TH 9 to Lvl 4.

  12. hi all, I'm a maxed th9 working on heroes farming in champions. loots great up here for cheap armies. only issue is there are not many th9s. so get Ur trophies up so we can raid each other's bases in champs and make use of league bonuses.

  13. town hall 8's are not "over powered" in wars. plenty of maxed town hall 8 players are not able to get 3 stars against max Def th8's in wars. only good attackers can do that consistantly. there aren't that many good attackers in my clan and others I've seen. the update doesn't change that much.

  14. Okay, so lets get all of this straight-
    1. Every time a new update comes, it ALWAYS benefits pretty much the top 5% of the people that play the game. Every one else, it is just more things to save up for, and with this new update it makes saving up that much harder! And you know why they do this, its because the top players spend money on this game so pretty much all supercell cares about is making money off of us!

    2. Farming is dead!! I don't care what anyone else says it is D E A D dead! No more town hall snipes, no more free shields, and heck you pretty much have to keep your town hall inside now!

    3. I have found ZERO dead bases since the update has come out! Rumor has it, since the update they have gotten rid of those abandoned bases, which is TOTAL BS. I have no idea where they expect us to make profit anymore!

    4. All you popular clash of clans youtubers, not trying to throw dirt at you guys, but you HAVE NO IDEA what it is like for all of us average clashers! You're all trying to see light in this new update when you should just be truthful and unbiased about it but you won't because you automatically get ALL OF THE FEATURES BECAUSE YOU GET FREE GEM SPONSORS and you guys always get the best of it because of that when everyone else is playing the game like normal people.

    If you ask me I could care less if I see the new features of an update from a youtuber because it's not like I am going to experience those features myself anytime soon! I am a town hall 9 player and the majority of people that play this game are the same. We got hit hard! As far as I'm concerned you guys should address our problems in your videos and come with a new solution to farming for about 2/3 of the clash of clans players instead of the new update features!

    And supercell if you read this- I understand what you guys are doing, it's to bring back the importance of having trophies and protect your town hall, which I completely agree with, and make it quote on quote how to play clash of clans the right way, but you guys went at it the wrong way. Because of this, unfortunately you guys are going to lose a lot of loyal clashers,, and you guys need to find a way to fix this.


  16. Well said Chief Pat, I honestly have loved the update. I think it works in peoples best interest to trophy push now, I am a th 11 and was able to get the new eagle (which sucks.) Normally I can attack 5-6 times with a shield in place before a guard which works highly in my favor. During those raids I am averaging 400-500k in loot. It has allowed me to upgrade and get all the new defenses for th 11. I think supercell is wanting to get people to push in trophies, Since the update I have gone from Champion 2 to titan 2. I have not had one single problem. I am enjoying the loot, bonuses and also the trophies. Everyone in my clan seems to be enjoying the update and since farming is gone I think trophy pushing to a limit is the new way to do it, only difference is people need to attack more to get the balance since you cant just get a shield off a th destruction anymore. Come by and visit Pat, Love to see you. HoGs Of CoC, Clan Tag#8VLP98JQ Im BL723. Love your videos, Thanks!

  17. Th 9 farming is trash, this update forced me to quit, I think they should make it so that if you've been inactive for more than 10 hours your mines and pumps have double loot, but only to the person searching, That way more inactive bases will pop up with more loot, but this would only apply to th 9 and above

  18. Save the disclaimers: you are a shill for SC, and you know it.Now you want to get on board with the criticism. Better download another game.

  19. Im TH 8 (masters league III) I find it easier to farm with this new update

  20. Hey i have been having problems with farming

  21. Forget the war update! We ONLY need/want hero's during war while there upgrading! and a way to get recognition for being a 3 star war beast so people can see if someone is good for war without even warring them and more war loot! – War addict and lvl 8 clan leader

  22. I was gutted as I heard how heard it was to survive th9. (what I'm on) Before I had only like 2.5m after spending a lot of it and decide to search for some more gold. After gaining like 2000 of each as farming in dead now I quit the app and left my iPad for like 30m. Once I went back on I'd found someone defeating me with the hardest troops I've seen. This has happend many,many more times and I've got like 500,000 gold left. Unless supercell fix the his I'm gonna have to quit and I think lots of others will to.

  23. You probably will not see this comment, but for me the worst part about this update was the social aspect. There was a solid group of members in my clan that you could guarantee were on for a few hours each night. With the go hard every attack method it was sporadic, donations were going unfilled for hours sometimes and there never was a time where everyone was on cause we all used cheap troops to raid. We used strong troops for wars and cheap armies to raid to upgrade our bases.

  24. Soooo got my Xbox taken away and decided to come back… And this is what I find sigh reminds me of what jagex did to runescape.

  25. im a th9 war lover. so for me extra 30 ssecons and cc spell donation is like th9 3 star game is a joke. i want the old th9 challenging war back.

  26. look pat im a TH9 and ive farmed my way there. Its been a long grind and now that i literally havnt found a dead base in a week im ready to just give up. If they want to get rid of free sheild thats fine, but keep the damn dead bases! They are the core of the farming community which is a good chunk of the faithful community. When they did this it just feels like they turned there back on the community and wants more gems. I dont think a league bonus will do it. unless its like 100k at gold 3 it wont be even close to enough. Honestly im probably just going to give up on the game.

  27. I'm in th8 and finding a good opponent is very hard and I need more loot to upgrade thing and finding good loot is a problem for me

  28. awesome video pat! good job

  29. hi chief pat, i just want to ask if supercell also reduce the numbers of dead bases?…. i am a th8 and ever since i was a th6 i have been using your lazy farming strategy and i really really… i mean seriously help a lot for me on farming ever on lower crystal league. but now i rarely them after the update…. thanks and more power to you.

  30. Dear Pat, 1st have a happy new year, The problem i have with the game at the current state is that i cant find loot, i am th 10 and i checked at least once a day if there was loot arround. Today I cant find something over 50k. Great video, keep producing such information/opinion videos.
    Its hard at these days but Clash on! ✌

  31. The farming would be fine if they actually didn't make bases with loot in collectors vanish… I'm not pulling this out of my ass I've tested it… I've got 2 games and my gf has hers that she doesn't play much and when loot accumulates in the collectors she doesn't get attacked and my bases don't either. There's no shield or anything and there's no way people would pass up a base with filled collectors IF they actually saw it and that's not on just one account and in different league levels.

  32. What I really want is another chance to have the ability to change your name, as it never allowed me to

  33. don't fall for what teenager kids talk about you lol update not to bad just need to fix the bugs!

  34. I can't raid for more than 200k of each and then I get raided for 500k of each

  35. Im a th7 and I get attacked by maxed th9 When my storages are full. I get 3 starred and lose 300k of each


  37. i can't even get through your video with out 5 second ads poping up -.-

  38. I like how my friends are bashing on this update cause of the "confusing" shield system and the change to lack of farming bases.

    If we still get a shield from people placing a few archers to snipe the town hall on the outside, we can go out and attack right after and still have a lot of shield time! Do you not understand? Farming would be broken and way too easy.

    But whatever no one is gonna listen to me even though I, a farmer to the core is saying the true basic shit.

  39. Town hall 11 I don't like how it looks it looks like big q tip loot bonus has been same since 2012 loot bonus need be restored if some players need more give them a star multiple r removal of dead bases took away an element of surprise in 30 seconds u had to make decision on attack or pass if your base looked as dead it was a valid defense ploy now it just rinse and repeat no excitement in it u know all bases are live bases u are correct in saying all the hate must stop coc is a community people from every where all join by a game all used to have mash fun now it's burning with harsh words

  40. they don't give a shit about clash of clans anymore they made a new game clash royal and there more worried about that game

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