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Clash of Clans | No Heroes Attacks – War Event Recap with Beer Goggles in CoC

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Clash of Clans War Event! How would you attack without heroes in War? Check out these CoC TH9 and TH10 attacks from Beer Goggles’ latest themed war. Lavaloon, GoVaHo, Bowlers, Dragons, these are just a few strategies featured, but without question the most used strategy was a Lavaloonion style. The event featured an arranged war against The Boozehounds. Attacking without heroes is no easy task and trying to defend without them proved just as difficult, the Archer Queen in the corner turned out to be quite the CoC strategy. I would personally use a Mass Dragon Strategy at TH10 but this is heavily dependent on the base design as well. Thanks again to Beer Goggles Clan for inviting me to their latest CoC War Event. Keep an eye on their website for the next event and if you want to skip ahead to any of the attacks from this no hero war event, click the time stamps below. Enjoy!

Time Stamps:
1:14 – BG 28 vs 29 – Dranzi – GoVaHo 99% 2 Star
3:11 – BH 30 vs 29 – Tkhan – Lavaloon 3 Star
5:13 – BG 20 vs 26 – Dan the Hero – Lavaloon 3 Star
6:57 – BH 25 vs 27 – Gokul Anil – Lavaloon 3 Star
8:52 – BG 21 vs 22 – Venom – Lavaloonion 3 Star
10:36 – BH 26 vs 23 – Brian – Mass Dragons and Hogs 2 Star
12:35 – BG 19 vs 19 – Toribio – GoVaHo 98% 2 Star
14:36 – BH 24 vs 22 – MANvs.merik – Lavaloonion 3 Star
16:24 – BG 11 vs 12 – Rick – GoVaHo 3 Star
18:23 – BH 12 vs 15 – Special K – GoVaLo 94% 2 Star
20:28 – BG 9 vs 4 – TBU Icy – Mass Dragons 2 Star
21:48 – BH 11 vs 11 – KLEPTO – Lavaloonion 3 Star
23:30 – BH 5 vs 10 – Tom-1038 – Bowler Walk into Valkyries 89% 2 Star
26:01 – BH 8 vs 6 – Jonah – Loonion and Valkyries 2 Star

Beer Goggles Website: beergogglesclan.com
Buckeyeguy: @buckeyeguyclash
Dan the Hero YouTube: youtube.com/c/DanTheHero


Clash of Clans YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/JuDoSloTh89-Clash

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Music By: Lino Rise
Title: “Alpha Omega”
Source: www.free-intro-music.com


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  1. 1st Like Again! 3 videos in a row. Great Video!?

  2. Attacking without my queen is already a pain in the ass. There is no way I could 3 star th9s without them completely. So good job guys. :)

  3. Nice vid man..was gr8 fun..cheers?? …venom (bg)

  4. How do u find these awesome clans lol?

  5. a great War Recap Judo,, a most enjoyable half hour?. You did mention Healer/Valks possibility.. as the Valks are so quick across the ground they can damage and take out an AD as it will only fire off a few rockets before it's knocked out.. takes practice and a bit of planning to get Valks running right.. ?

  6. Seems like lavaloon is the go to army without heroes, but it's always been like that.

  7. really nice War Recap???

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