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Clash of Clans – New Update! Level 5 Dragon Gameplay, New Air Sweeper (Sneak Peek)

Clash of Clans – New Update! Level 5 Dragon Gameplay, New Air Sweeper (Sneak Peek)
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New Clash of Clans update is on the way! Level 5 Dragons + a new Air Sweeper for Town Hall 9, any guesses on what we’ll see this weekend?
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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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  1. so does that mean th9 gets lvl 4 dragons?

  2. Why does it seem that Pat only posts videos when there's an update?

  3. Am i the only one who got a boner??

  4. I just upgraded my barracks to max level, and now to tell me that there are going to be no barracks??? 

  5. A good update idea is you are able to attak your base with what ever troop you want kind of like the developer ipad so you can see what your base is good with and bad with.

  6. Dark spells confirmed look at nicks video for lvl 5 drags at 3:12 bottm right


  7. Unless you're a th10 level 5 dragons don't matter. They need to add some stuff lower level THs can use.

  8. Awesome video! I called the level 5 dragon, dark spells and new leagues(one even called legendary) in a video 3 weeks ago.

  9. DON'T give us another air sweeper, DO let us upgrade walls at lower wall levels with elixer. Supercell we offer you all our Dark Elixer, Please head our plea.

  10. What is with the Hero Button

  11. when he trains his troops and uses the buttons down there to change barracks if you watch all the buttons you can see that there are two spell factories in the end

  12. check out y channel I've got sick gameplay on clash of clans and cod

  13. Anyone else realize how there were 2 icons to train spells? Wonder if that means there will be another spell factory?

  14. But how update is not yet come r u hacker

  15. Go to gamingwithmolt to see the new spell

  16. They should make an update where you can save what you use for attacks with one single click

  17. The last thing we need is another freaking air sweeper. Air attacks will be impossible. 1 sweeper balanced it out but this might make it ridiculous.

  18. Yo Patt do you think that with this addition we will have lvl 4 dragon accessible at TH9?

  19. Level 7 loons are coming out fact

  20. The level 6 loons on this vid didn't have flames things on them

  21. New town hall? The shop says there are 12 new items. 

  22. When is the update coming out?

  23. @PlayClashOfClans Does the helsinki supercell store is always open? Or when Does it open? Please answer, ty.

  24. They better release lv4 dragons to town hall 9 so that we at least stand a chance in air attacks against max town hall 9 bases…

  25. I think this level 5 dragon looks like the old dragons so supercell is goining back

  26. Will lvl 4 dragons be pushed down to TH9 so we have more to do 

  27. How r u able to play future update


    1?; A FP (first person) CHARACTER, for the last troops in the dark barracks, when it is deployed a little screen appears in the corner of the screen and you see what the troop would see!

    2?; A SECOND VIEWING ANGLE, because we have only ever seen 1 side of the buildings in clash so it would be good to see them from the bak or something!

    3?;A CUSTOMISABLE TROOP/HERO, there could be a new character and where you click info on it, it will let you change: how it looks; what abilities it has; its colours; etc!

    4?;'IN BATTLE ARTILLERY', maybe some thing like a trebuchet (medieval catapult) that you can deploy in battle that will fire something every 10-20 seconds into the middle of the base to do a little bit more damage ( but it can get taken out by other defences!)

    5?; ABILITY TO FIGHT BACK!, I find it really annoying when I log on and I'm being attacked but there is nothing I can do about it, where with this feature if you had troops in your army camps you would be able to fight back against the attacker!?

    6?; MINI GAMES!, because we spend so much time just staring at our screens waiting for troops to train and for the icons to pop up on the mines and pumps so we can collect from them, well in that time we get bored and i think it would be really good if supercell made some little mini games (within the game) for u to play when you do get bored!

    7?;RE-CYCLED TROOPS!, So you've just had a successful raid and some of you're troops are still alive…you should be able to re-use them troops instead of having to train up new ones all the time.(just like in a real war, when it has ended the soldiers return home unless they r dead(also this would be good with no4)!

    (This is not a new feature but a attack strategiy I cam up with I call it 'GO WALK' its for trophies and basically it has 1-2 golems 2+ wall breakers and the rest consists of half valkyries half wizards with AT-LEAST 1 rage spell and one heal spell the rest you can chose , I hope it works as well for you as me!)

    thank you for taking the time to read…and if you agree please copy and paste it on as many clash vids as you can (this is from D.j.Y GAMING5)

    Oh and maybe like a dragon Lord hero.


  30. huh? What's so convenient about the new training screen? its the same exact thing as before…. only difference is the bottom thing……. who cares….. i still scroll left/right with the side arrows….   i see no difference.  What I really wanted was a LOCK button, to keep training a troop while I have it locked in so I don't have to keep refreshing it manually.

  31. When is the update really coming?


  33. What's new HP and Attack for Dragon LVL 5?

  34. How come your troops cost a little ? Like if they were lvl 1 ? 

  35. Ruining the game??✌?️

  36. Maxwell Jackson why do people like u have to lie to get attention 

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