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Clash Of Clans- New update HOGS & BALLOONS Discount! (Supersale)

Clash Of Clans- New update HOGS & BALLOONS Discount! (Supersale)
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Supersale has released a discount for the hogs and balloons! get em while they’re hot! Go Here to EARN GEMS! http://cashforap.ps/godson GET T-SHIRTS …


Check this out chief!


CAM SUCKS AT YOUTUBERate this post I suck at YouTube… Previous Video: MY BROTHERS CHANNELS: …

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  1. Anyone see that troll face at 5:55!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Why can he stop/resume the Baracke?!?

  3. 0:21 break while a boost confirmed

  4. Every time I watch a clash video im constantly trying to zoom in on the raids 😐

  5. 1:27 is def highlight of the year for Godson.  First time i laughed so hard at a Clash of Clans video haha!!

  6. Great Video YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa (from germany)

  7. HOW do yoju pause the spells factory when they are accelerated????

  8. Yeaaaaaaaaaa!! Hog Ridàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhrs

  9. CALL you second account GOBSON

  10. Amazing video Godson 🙂

  11. Godson your Yeaaaaah LV. is over 9000 THOUSAAAAAND !!!

  12. Why you took a jump spell?

  13. Does anyone know how is the tune called at 3:12 ? I really like it, but noone seems to know what it is.

  14. how did you get that pause and play boost on you barracks :/ im curious

  15. How long will this last?

  16. 3:01
    Did anyone notice he said 'That's our two star'
    Sorry but thats a one star but YEAAAAHHhhhh

  17. On his first attacks he said 2nd star even though he got 1 star

  18. Godson try to use all drag with 2rage spell and 3lightning spell

  19. Why you take the jump spell if hog can jump?

  20. TH8 YOUTUBER So come subscribe like an comment Thanks Clash On!

  21. Super cell should make a dark troop called the Reaper and what the creature does is it gets all the dead troop and make a army out of them

  22. i got into a global chat with someone called Godson but i dont think it was this one

  23. Do you know how to do the DNS change cheat for coc ?

  24. Can I get a YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  25. GODSON u are amazing!! I love watchin your videos..keep it up!! I hope to.be able to.talk to.you one day…can i get a yea!!!!!!!

  26. Godson you videos are so entertaining. I hope you keep making them..also i would love any advice you could give me..happy clashing my friend!!! Can i get a yea!!!!!!

  27. How do you do that speacial effects with the hogs flying

  28. I really really want hogs to have another upgrade to lvl 6!!!

  29. 1:27 Lolooooolloooooo


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