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Clash of Clans NEW Update December 2016 – Ultimate Sneak Peek

Clash of Clans NEW Update December 2016 – Ultimate Sneak Peek
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Clash of Clans New Update! The Christmas 2016 CoC Winter Update brings New Troop Levels! Archer Queen Level 45, Barbarian King Level 45, Hog Rider Level 7 and Golem Level 6 coming to TH11. This is your Ultimate Sneak Peek video showing you in-action gameplay footage of the new update. The Poison Spell is upgraded to Level 5 at Town Hall 11 and has it’s radius increased across all levels. Defence also gets an upgrade with Wizard Tower Level 10 and Clan Castle Level 7 – which also allows another spell slot donation. New troop icons are my personal favourite with an overhaul to troop images when attacking, they are awesome! Various balance changes are also coming in this new Clash of Clans update including the Balloon, Dragon and PEKKA all being faster, and the Witch having more damage and health. There is a new limited edition Christmas Tree and Friendly Wars will now allow 15 minute and 30 minute timers. What are you most looking forward to in the new CoC 2016 update. Make sure to subscribe for more Clash of Clans Update Gameplay!


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  1. please i can join your clan

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  3. i hate the new update because the giant is ugly now before the new update the giant is so cool ????

  4. my favorite troop is pekka

  5. you didn't mention the hud changes like the new exp icon and they removed the small text over the bars like "builder" "shield" and the "Max gold storage #" but that's not really important (everyone can see they added the new event button though)

  6. your a low level for townhall 11

  7. könntest du meinen Kanal verlinken

  8. what about a spell on the ground looking thing

  9. i like the look of balloons!

  10. What's your clan tag Judo sloth

  11. how did you got more than 50k gems

  12. i want is the dragon it is so pretty cool !!!

  13. i like 2016 because its new and i started playing coc 2016 so i dont know the pictures of the christmas tree last years and past years

  14. The dragon has the best picture

  15. if u join my clan i will like your all videos and subscribe your all channels "MY TAG" is 92PQORP9R

  16. your clan on level 23 how it's possible?

  17. my favirote troop is the HOOOG RIDER

  18. I was expecting like a gem mine.

    But of course that won't be real

  19. invite me in your clan plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. your videos are pretty good,i dont understand why you have only 13.000 subs in 2 years

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