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Clash Of Clans – NEW UPDATE!! #2 VILLAGE GUARD!! (new changes to Game dynamics)

Clash Of Clans – NEW UPDATE!! #2 VILLAGE GUARD!! (new changes to Game dynamics)
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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!


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  1. I thought village guard was like a mode like clan war but where when an attacker attacks you you can like deploy traps or troops to kind of slow down the opponent but of course it had to be a shitty thing for people who trophy push… Fuck you SC you always disappoint me -_-

  2. 350 comments, about 330 of them agree with me that this game will go to shit with anymore of these "improvements" that are unnecessary, and unwanted, so it's true, supercell is just a company that wants to leech your money from you!, same with YouTube God dammit, stop making the internet a worthless place for rich people with no lives!

  3. I have no idea what he tol me😀

  4. The song from the very end was from my old super nintendo Pole Position game, great times!

  5. I really don’t get supercell honestly, whats the point of a community if they don’t listen them? I’m one thousand percent sure nobody asked for stuff like these. It’s just a bloody game, they shouldn’t make it so difficult for people to understand. The game was completely fine before but all these just makes the game unnecessary difficult to deal with. Again this update so far is aiming towards people who spend thousands of dollars on the game and not for casual players like us who play just for fun. I just hope supercell doesn’t f*** its self in the ass with this.

  6. i have my own clan my coc name is general

  7. Like everything but the personal break

  8. when the village guard is dismissed, will we lose it completely or will the countdown time just pause?

  9. ppl in the comments : "after this update i'll quit"
    Update arrives, they play.

    attention whore

  10. When's a good sneak peak coming?

  11. damn supercell you really fucked up the game good job on that idiots

  12. i wanna see how ppl will play i feel like this is an appocalypse lol #hype and oh yeah fuck u supercell

  13. Well lets see how this update turns out.

    P.S. Sorry supercell u ain't getting my money

  14. The "Personal Break" is confusing still. Is it after a straight three hour session or 3 hours total playing time without a shield…the second part is will we be allowed to play after the 6 minute break or do we have to wait till we get a shield before we're allowed to play again?

  15. If enough people complain to supercell, they won't release it…….

  16. They do all this but they still can't figure out how to keep replays after maintenance breaks

  17. hey guys, I found TH 7 who is 66 level and he is in Champ League. I have screenshots, how can I send you it godson?

  18. this sucks so basically a longer shield

  19. Supercell is runned by a bunch of greedy bastards ! Good job fuckers you finally succeeded in destroying my favourite game ! This fuckery ends here!

  20. So if someone purposely stops at 49%, I'm fucked? Wow.

  21. This update fucking sucks

  22. i got hype thinking the new update will have a new th more troops and new defences. but this is fucked up

  23. You sold out Godson!

  24. I'm still gonna put my town hall outside, whether supercell wants me to or not.

  25. Just quit COC already. Find a better game


  27. I been asking for something like the village for a long time cuz my wifi sucks

  28. Supercell must have really spent a lot of time revamping the matchmaking and online systems

  29. with the shield guard everybody is gonna be on it and attacking won't be fun

  30. I am bubbly bubbles from req n go godson

  31. watch out there is a lot of butt hurt people in the comments of this video.

  32. Supercell is so stupid, ITS NOT VILLAGE GUARD IT LITERALLY IS JUST A SHIELD, no differences. ALSO WHY DO THEY HAVE TO USE 50% of there army that makes no sense, if they get 30% on ur base u should get a shield no matter what

  33. why supercell why,superfuck.

  34. Wtf why nit for all town hall and keague this is unfare. Fuck

  35. wow this went from simple fun of dropping troops and watching destruction happen to all these technical terms and rules. if I have to pause a video and read to understand a game then the game becomes pointless. watching a video to learn something is the point of not having to read without illustrations.

  36. people i just don't get your point , why are you saying there is no more farming ?????????

  37. Are shields gone now? o.O

  38. Hahahahha u saw that war base

  39. So, if they attack with 1 troop and end, do we get a village guard? For how long too? Also, how do I get a shield? For being 1 starred or what!?

  40. Sucks. I came far, and i had a very long way too go, but all while having fun. This game is no longer fun. As a working man, i can no longer play this game. I had no problem spending 5 bucks every now and then, it adds up over time, but coc is no more. Great friends made on this game, but i can't believe it, i am quitting because of this update. Really sad. Supercell, those where the last $5 you'll ever take from me. I hope you all follow suit fellow clashers! @godson stop being a sellout fool. Kissing supercell's ass and shit!

  41. +Godson ⬇⬇⬇read that supercell's lap bitch

  42. We all know supercell just want to take all the money out of the players pocket.When i farm i get attacked 15-20 time in a DAY.I used to be attacked like 15 times a week.I lose all the money i get from attacked .They want you ti buy elxir and gold.Dear supercell FUCK YOU.

  43. How come we didn't get to see a proper view of what the battle would be like!? Omg

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