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“Clash Of Clans” | NEW SPELLS FUTURE WISHLIST | (2015 update)

“Clash Of Clans” | NEW SPELLS FUTURE WISHLIST | (2015 update)
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Clash of clans new future spell wishlist! These are the spells i feel could be potential updates in the future. what are your spell wish list?

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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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  1. all of ur spells ideas Are good godson

  2. HEAVEN SPELL:HEALS TROOPS IN GRAVEYARD AND RISES WITH HALVE HEALTH COST:7500 Light elixir WING SPELL:Allows ground troops to air troops for 5 secs COST:10000 LIght elixir

  3. my spell wishlist would be invisibility spell and invincibility spell invisibility spell would last as long as the freeze and when troops are in the ring the could sneak up on defense's and not get shot at and the invincibility spell would make them invisible level 1 it would last 3 sec lvl 2 it would last 4 sec lvl 3 it would last 4.3 lvl 4 it would it would be 4.7 lvl 5 it would be 5 sec and lvl 5 is max

  4. can u send me a link to play coc on pc

  5. Godson, what if there was a poison trap and when triggered it would release a poison spell to effect every attacking troop in the radius

  6. kinda like boom beach smoke bombs!

  7. SUPERCELL if your seeing this make these spells in the game

  8. Acid Spell: Earthquake Spell

    Time Slow Spell: Added 30s to total attack time

    Love Spell: Very good idea!

    Trap Spell: Wouldn't really balance the game unless they take like 4 or more spaces because that is a pretty OP thing to have. (Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory have a combined spell capacity of 11 spaces at max. Normal spells take 2 spaces while dark spells take 1 space.)

  9. I think supercell should have a spell that can blow up one defence or storage but wouldn't work on the town hall

  10. when u watch and the 3 spells already came out poisin,earth quake, and haste ???

  11. What about a bounce spell it could bounce requested troops away

  12. Acid spell is basically earthquake spell

  13. 1. Decent idea, worth looking into.
    2. Dumbest thing I've heard all day, second part is a crappier version of a freeze.
    3. dude, OP as fuck, even without heroes. Hit a dragon right next to the town hall? maybe if it only had a certain amount of time before the effects wore off.
    4. Good idea, but weird delivery

  14. I think there should be a resistance spell that gives troops higher protection from defenses
    Also I think that if they add a trap spell it should be called the x-Ray spell

  15. acid spell is ectally like a poison spell but then on buildings

  16. The double spell

    turns every troop in radius 2 times faster and clones troops in it

    doesn't work on heroes

    works on other spells to

  17. Fog spell like all troops in it are invisible to defenses

  18. what's the background music

  19. I think we should have fire spell,water spell,harming spell,explode spell,and a invisibility spell.The fire spell burns things up.The water spell makes a wave like a tsunami's.The harming spell does harm.The explode spell is a bomb in a bottle that explodes.And the invisibility spell makes troops invisible.

  20. I want the hypno spell. practically the reverse spell but called diff

  21. hi godson I am a new you tuber

  22. Acid spell is actually poison spell

  23. Invisible Spell at Spell Factory

  24. Acid spell = Earthquake spell

    Soothsayer. 😉


  26. There should be invisibly spell

  27. What about a spell that makes troops in it invisible? It could make it where the defenses can't see them and won't shoot them even if they were already being shot at. It would probably last only 5-10 seconds and have a small radius.

  28. I think that they should add a spell that make ur troops invisable to building and towers

  29. the trap spell could show u what the other player has in its clan castle

  30. this is not a spell but lava elixir

  31. Supercell should add the undead spell where it brings back troops from the dead in a certain spot

  32. Trap spell = skeleton spell

  33. Reverse spell is cool but rest is???????????

  34. These sound like dark spells, but I do not blame him for not knowing about dark spells

  35. They should add explosion spell

    Explosion Spell

    Explodes with an extremely high damage to buildings within it's radius but decreased damage on walls.Wreak some havoc with the help of these bad boys.


    Damage: 870
    Wall Damage : 540
    radius: 3 tiles
    space: 4
    cost: 30,000 elixir

    Unlocks at Townhall level 10

  36. my wishlist is air spell which gets ground troops in air like dragon and baloons.

  37. it would be awsome of the trap spell was a dark spell, and disabled traps

  38. be coll hau be nuceral spel whatt.s can destroy 50 % damage the base and breving time 4 min

  39. what about I mortally spell in dark spell factory lol

  40. Godson you got your wish now there is a poison spell

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