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Clash of Clans – MORE Than Gowiwi – Unusual and Different Attacks in Clash

Clash of Clans – MORE Than Gowiwi – Unusual and Different Attacks in Clash
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Clash Of Clans Attacks presents ‘Bully’ – pushing around Town Hall 10s in
multiplayer and war – and the telling of the ‘Bully Story’!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards,
Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the
ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back
the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan
reigns supreme over all others!



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  1. most loyal YouTuber. your work is amazing and I applaud you my good sir.

  2. are you going to address the complete lack of farming, well collector farming …

  3. Apex is the best swedish player :D

  4. galadon, i a th10 not ready for th11 yet, and can you make a th10 hybrid base build or something like that?


  6. I loved to see a comeback of the valkyrie in the nearly future! hopfuly the get an update…. what you think Galadon?

  7. Thanks for spending… You're village is raided by GOLEM!I watched, I got 3 starred with GOWIWI now I crying!

  8. Look at the loot on GALADON base 1 mil gold ☺☺

  9. Anyone know which league is the best to farm as a town hall 8

  10. out of interest does anyone find the peter part at the end of every video funny?

  11. I seen this base on clash of clans I have a screen shot of him chatting with me this base is aesomeee

  12. Actually, In my opinion the new shield system and personal break is good since it will make more bases available for attack, but the only thing I didn't understand about supercell is why they removed dead bases!

  13. am not hating or anything like that…..but i have two workers not working for 3 days…and i cant get loot upgrade anything..each raid i get like 150k each..while i spend 135k to raid……….i tried all leags from silver all the way to crystal
    btw am th9 near max

  14. pls join my clan pls my clan is ClasherMasher and i like you vidieos

  15. how can I buy gems in coc

  16. Hey guess what?

  17. Comawwn Gally! Only 20k left to go! Been waiting for this for so long since I've been a sub since 40k <3! Cant wait for the 1 mil subs special! Btw I met you on Global while you were streaming on Kamcord if you remember me, it was when you had just made it to legend, you said my name!:) Im XxHasan if you remember me!

  18. Farming. I left my th8 off line for 6 days just to see. 4 days 11hrs was the last attack. thats 2 days without getting smashed hahaha proof right there. So shattered. RIP COC

  19. now the looting has really go down for the premature bases

  20. can you tell this to clash of clans developers

  21. Galadon what abou the account you wanted to farm with from the ground up? Have heard nothing about it from you since the update…

  22. Did anyone else notice the amount of Gold Galadon had? ?

  23. Lately my comments have been hiding because many update haters disliked my comments because I actually like the update. ?

  24. "Completely maxed out base" He wasnt even maxed galadon

  25. What is the news about your another town hall

  26. Who likes the blue walls better still

  27. I'm switching to HayDay, it's far easier to farm

  28. Why does everyone talk about bad farming or whatever (farming isn't bad, you just need to actually be GOOD at it and not rely on dead bases (which you need no skill to attack) or snipes (ditto on the no skill) and know WHERE to farm a.k.a. Masters League) on a video that is NOT EVEN ABOUT THAT PARTICULAR SUBJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Did anyone notice that Galadons had 1.2 mil Gold + 700k Elixr available!? that's like 2 mil Loot!

  30. The odds are on their favor haha.
    Great vid sir galadon

  31. I love the starting music! Use it more?

  32. Lol your videos are a joke now . CoC is a joke man . I'll play still but loot and farming are done . 3 accounts ranging from 6 to 10 and no loot. You max your town hall 11 for free while us real clashers work hard for what we do. now it's more hard then ever . this game is bs

  33. what the actual heck? I'm finding loot like given by heavens….I get 400k each attack and one of our clan member got 800k elixir and gold each in an attack….I'm living a life after that update….feeling sorry as lot of people still can't find loot….I'm looting as much as I can before this opportunity goes away and hard bases come back

  34. Big Papi si top 1 in Venezuela

  35. That is so much loot you got your the best❤️

  36. look at that gold at galadon's base…12 lakhs :o

  37. I use Giants an golums just helps boost the damage golums are week on there own to take out defences. Hit points wise 6 giant are tad less on hit points but the damage is way more doe they work well together

  38. I use one golum ten Giants an a golum in my cc in my kill squad

  39. Plus the Giants help spread out that slash damage instead of it all being focused on one point on the golum. Well that's the idea lol

  40. Am i the only one? 2MIL LOOT WTF!

  41. More of your exciting life stories Gallydon!

  42. You suck on defense although you are a maxed Th11 gemmer lol !
    There is SOOO MUCH GOD DAMN LOOT IN YOUR BASE!!! ONLY if i can wreck you for all the loot!
    Good try defending against a air attacker tho! you literally suck lmao :)

  43. dat loot on galadons base XD

  44. Galadon, that strat that the chap used against titan makes PERFECT since. The Golems take the damage, the Giants pound of defences, & the wizards take the clean up, I used that strat at fresh th8, im now th9 (TheTimeWillTell of The Lost Nation)

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