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Clash of Clans – May Update Overview & More!

Clash of Clans – May Update Overview & More!
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Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – https://youtu.be/9c9gx_dfRWQ

Here’s a run-through of the May update for Clash of Clans – a fantastic update across the board! Also, here’s some thoughts on Clash of Clans going forward and what I want to see in the game.
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Check this out chief!

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  1. CHief pat do you still play clash of clans.

  2. Please bring back clash challenge.

  3. Can someone give me a used or new coc account. It needs to be th4 or below + iOS only

  4. When I heard about this update I was like
    -Congrats SuperCell, youre only several months late :/

  5. Took supercell a while to make it easier to play Clash of clans. If they were approx 5 months earlier, the game wouldnt be as dead.


  7. Hi Chief Pat, I really love your videos, can you please post videos about some nice base layouts of every town hall if possible thank you 🙂

  8. no update can revive this game

  9. Is this all we are getting in May…Really supercell?

  10. Haven't saw coc in so long I assumed it was clash royale

  11. lol I quit clash so long ago…

  12. A coc upload is more rare than finding a megamouth !

  13. They should increase the campaign map!

  14. Does chief pat even play clash of clans anymore

  15. YES! A Clash Of Clans video!

  16. Farming videos were pretty entertaining to watch, maybe do more of those Pat

  17. chief pay can I join ur clan

  18. Continue with your th 8 lets play videos!!! You can join to clans and do wars with them, i would love it. Like the comment so pat can see it

  19. COC > CR you Know i am right, loot is awesome right now and clan wars so fun for th 8 and 9 (i dont Know about 10 and 11) watch gadi hh and ash clash of clans and you will fall in love with COC again

  20. WTF is this! You make absolutely trash videos nowadays. You make 1 Coc advertisement then go back to the same Royale shit! Im unsubscribing and disliking because now all you make is only for the money.

  21. i tried to smash that like button with my forehead but i passed out and woke up an hour later to find my monitor in bits and pieces

  22. chief pat, plz make more clash of clans videos!

  23. witch is the program with you edit your video ?

  24. he don't post anymore clash of clans video….

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