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Clash of Clans | MAXED BASES DESTROYED | TH 11 3 Star Attack Strategy

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Maxed TH 11 bases destroyed in Clash of Clans! NEW TH 11 3 Star atttack strategy. Queen Walk LaLoon

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  1. Who doesn't love this game

  2. hahaha that intro was hilarious xD

  3. it's really awsm site I got my favourite bot from here

  4. Cam Plz make a video about moving out… Im 17 and i hate my parends so… Plz make a video!

  5. m 13 🙂 hope to join cam's clan when i m 28 🙂 xD :p

  6. Not sure how bad your were before, but that last raid should have been easy.

  7. GO CAM good raids Go barbarian party

  8. Hello , i'm new on YouTube look my chaine youtube. Good day to alll!

  9. Cam can you make a vid on how make vid

  10. Whenever I watch someone's else base I start trying to zoom in or make troops like its my base lmao

  11. Simon is maxed but canons lvl11

  12. A cam where cam can I join your clan

  13. Cam on the last one, I think you wasted a freeze should have popped it on the second inferno but nonetheless great attacks

  14. I can't ever get 3 stars, always 2 stars, I watch all your videos the hour you post em, I study your strategies and all that , but, idk just can't get the Lava/Loons down

  15. I feel like I'm actually playing clash since I'm on my phone but I no I'm not playing because my base is shit

  16. cam how old are u? If I were to take a guess I'd say 26

  17. love your vids keep up the good work cam.👍

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